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I am committed to providing a nonjudgmental and compassionate space for clients to share their stories and struggles.  I like to work with clients to establish goals that will help them overcome obstacles that stand in the way of living successful and authentic lives.  I appreciate and honor the diverse cultures and lifestyles that people come from, and I work to help clients set objectives that match their belief systems. 

 I recognize that people come to therapy for a variety of reasons.  I adjust my style to try to match clients where they are in their journey.  I employ a variety of styles depending on the circumstances from narrative therapy, where I allow a client to take the lead and set the pace, to more directive therapy, where I set guidelines for clients to help maintain their safety due to compulsive behaviors or harmful thinking. 

 In cases in which clients are not ready to start therapy, I enjoy working with family and friends to educate them about various mental health issues and to work with them to identify ways they can help a loved one who is struggling.  Proper intervention from loved ones can often prevent someone from escalating to a dangerous point.

 I started my professional career working in an acute care psychiatric facility in 1987.  This position helped me learn to establish a strong rapport with people who are in crisis and frequently at turning points in their lives.  I have continued through the majority of my career to have a close relationship with local psychiatric facilities and community services centers. 

 I originally went into private practice in 1993 with Cobb Counseling Associates in Georgia.  I maintained my private practice while working at a variety of agencies, including Council on Battered Women, Ridgeview Institute, Skyland Trail, and Manna Treatment Center.  I founded the Atlanta Eating Disorder Coalition in 2003. 

 Most recently, I worked as the Executive Director of Carolina House eating disorder programs in Durham and Raleigh, N.C.  I held this position for over three years prior to joining Sage Psychology Group.  Currently, I facilitate a free weekly support group for those with eating disorders and a free support group for those addressing issues around gender identity. I also run a weekly women’s sexual trauma therapy group.    

 I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor in the states of North Carolina and Georgia. I am a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist through the International Academy of Eating Disorders Professionals Foundation and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through the National Board of Hypnotherapy. 

 I completed my Masters and Specialty Degree in Community Counseling at Georgia State University in Atlanta in 1993.  I pursued continuing education training with a focus on trauma, eating disorders, addiction, and supervision. 

An advantage of being in this field so many years is that I have had the opportunity to learn from so many excellent resources.  Yet, I think I have learned the most from clients who have faced fears with courage and from young therapists whom I have supervised who bring fresh ideas and passion.   Both have taught me that there is always something to learn and that persistence really can pay off in incredible ways. 

 I think my experiences in the management side of both nonprofit and private-for-profit mental health facilities are assets to me when working with clients who work in the corporate world.  My understanding on a personal level of the pressure and challenges of corporations helps me better assist those living that lifestyle. 

 Finally, my own family and friends have been teachers to me as I have watched them slip and fall, but get up again to continue their jou

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