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Terry Cochran is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (CA #MFC11957) and a certified psychoanalyst in California. He has received training in EMDR, a re-processing therapy for treatment of trauma. He works within the necessary treatment modality--whether short or longer term--to facilitate positive change in the lives of individuals, couples and families at all levels of functioning.

Dr. Cochran's approach as a therapist is to clearly understand each client's needs, and to work in a cooperative and comprehensive manner towards problem resolution. Developing tools for coping with stress, for overcoming losses, and for living fully in the present moment is unique for each person. Dr. Cochran provides an understanding environment in which arrested personal development can begin to unfold, and in which traumas, hurts, and losses can begin to be resolved. In addition, he shares a strong commitment to the importance of making effective life choices, with a recognition that difficult decisions are often daunting to make all alone.

Dr. Cochran has been in practice for 29 years. He has worked widely with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, addictions (both substance and sexual), and marriage/divorce issues. Patients find him easy to relate to. The hallmark of his practice is a central belief in the importance of each client, and a deep respect for each person's unique life history of successes, failures, and emotional pains. Most personal problems stem from failed interpersonal relationships, whether from early or later in life, and Dr. Cochran therefore holds with highest respect the dignity and safety of the new therapeutic relationship.

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