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  • LCSW
  • 3150 18th St., MBOX #202, San Francisco, California, 94110
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      UniHealth Counseling & Psychology (Los Angeles, CA)
      Los Angeles, 90025
  • Phone: 510-619-2597
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  • Session Fees: 180/session (income-based sliding scale available)
  • www.MyUniHealth.com
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
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Are you feeling the stress of...
  • Personal Relationships
  • Work
  • Life
  • Negative Self-Talk
  • Self-Doubt
  • Major Life Transitions
  • Your own Expectations, or the Expectations Placed on You by Others?
Your story does not have to be one filled with stress, tension and unfulfilling experiences. Challenging situations have a way of pushing us away from our path, and from living up to the potential we know we have. Getting back on the path and trajectory we know we belong to is possible.
Our Areas of Focus
  • Stress = Yes
  • Anxiety = Yes
  • Depression = Yes
  • Trauma = Yes
  • Trauma from Childhood = Yes
  • Grief and Bereavement = Yes 
  • Work Stress = Yes
  • Dating and Relationship Worries = Yes
  • Personal Development = Yes
  • Coping Capacities = Yes

We offer...
  • a safe, private and confidential space to tell your story, overcome worries, stress, internal tensions and define your journey = YES
  • a kind and supportive approach to get you emotionally resourced in order to cope with the negative feelings that stressors evoke = YES

Don't let setbacks and circumstances hold you back from developing a fresh and clear journey forward.

About Our Therapy Approach
  • Psychodynamic Therapy = YES
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) = YES 
  • Strength-Based Therapy = YES
  • Relationship-Based Therapy = YES
  • Trauma-Informed Care = YES 

About our first meeting: 
  • Your first meeting is an opportunity to determine a goodness of fit between you and our group practice. Is one of our clinicians the right person for you and your needs? Do we offer what you are looking for? Are we able to assist? If YES, then we proceed by getting you setup with an Intake appointment. 
  • Your intake appointment is a structured 50-60 minute interview designed to help us gather information and map out your history and experiences to begin forming a clear picture of your story. 
  • From there, you and your clinician will begin to identify a few areas of priority to focus on and make a plan. 

Your emotional wellbeing is important. Get support by reaching out and scheduling an initial appointment.
We are fluent in
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Hebrew
  • Korean
  • Persian
  • Farsi
  • Urdu
  • Portuguese

Appointments and Availability 
  • Mornings = YES
  • Evenings = YES
  • Late Evenings (after 5:00 PM) = YES
  • Weekend Appointments = YES 
  • Virtual Tele-Health Appointments from your Phone, Computer or Tablet = YES

If you feel it’s time to heal and regain the confidence and strength in your voice and story, we are here to help.
Get Started by
  • Call Us at: 510-619-2597 (Main Office Line), or 415-562-4156 x Julio
  • Complete any of our online forms you can find on our website: www.MyUniHealth.com


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