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Anger Management

Jamey Hecht, MA, PhD, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Within Driving Distance of Santa Monica, CA

I have helped many clients with anger issues, by helping them to see--and work through--the deep sadness that lies underneath chronic excessive anger. Rage can arise from humiliations, from feeling cheated by others, from shame, and from loss. Whatever the main source, anger can be a less-unpleasant substitute for the helplessness that these experiences bring with them. Clients benefit when they are able to replace the move-into-rage with a sober curiosity about just what is going on inside and outside at that moment.

Anger Management

Cynthia Henrie, LMFT, BCETS, CATSM

LA Therapy Network - Feminist Therapy, Trauma Experts

1460 7th Street, Suite 206, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Anger is a common issue when you were raised by someone who was angry or you have trauma that causes your fear and anger to be easily triggered. I help you determine the root causes of your anger and treat both the symptom of anger and the root cause to maximize your success at overcoming anger! I also use proven anger management techniques in addition to holistic treatments for trauma, relationship problems, parenting, etc. I offer an individualized, holistic and creative approach to working with your anger issues. Call me! I can help!

Anger Management

David Silverman, Licensed LMFT Stanford Therapist

Free 60 minute First Session/Consult

Within Driving Distance of Santa Monica, CA

I have a great deal of experience working with anger issues and domestic violence situations. DV is especially important to address because of the reaction of the children pulled into this dynamic. Cognitive Behavioral methods are taught which are easy to implement. We will look for the source of anger and find different redirected behaviors to replace anger. Mindfullness and various relaxation methods will be discussed. However, you will have input and final say in setting goals and in laying out our approaches to dealing with anger. We work together as equals, without judment.

Anger Management

Kristen Gardenhire, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Within Driving Distance of Santa Monica, CA

Do you struggle with anger issues? Are you constantly flying off the handle? Do people tell you that you need help with your anger issues? Therapy is a great tool for helping those that struggle with anger and the effect it can have on others. It will aide in decreasing the volatility and difficulty interpersonal interactions. I think you will find that counseling will help to identify proper ways of helping to manage your anger.

Anger Management

Lori Shnorhokian, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

3231 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405

When having feelings of anger, it can come in all different forms depending on the individual. Therapy can help with managing that anger in order to maintain healthy relationships within ones self and with others around you. Therapy will help with providing ways to identity where the anger is stemmed from and how to decrease and eliminate it from your life in order to live a healthy and happy life.

Anger Management

Gary Stollman, Ph.D.

Psychotherapist, Marriage Counselor, Professional Life Coach

Within Driving Distance of Santa Monica, CA

While there are thousands of techniques to manage anger, understanding and resolving the source of the anger is imperative. Anger is never a primary emotion. Typically anger is a secondary response to feelings of hurt. A person's feelings are hurt then, perhaps because he or she hasn't learned how do deal with feelings of hurt effectively, those feelings manifest as anger. The more unexpressed hurt held inside, the more anger you feel. Anger stems from feeling unjustly treated and yet when anger is not managed, people still fail to understand and empathize with you. We can work to get to the source of the anger and help you to improve your relationship with self and others. Feel free to call my o....

Anger Management

Sheri Rose-McCashin, M.S., LMFT,

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC 28036)

Within Driving Distance of Santa Monica, CA

Anger can be appropriate in a relationship or on the job if delivered in a timely, clear,direct manner and if the person communicating makes it about themselves, their needs and wants and not a character assassination of the other person. Often if someone holds on to feelings the tendency is to explode which comes out with a lot of heat and not much light. Name calling, hitting, throwing objects,swearing at,demeaning, s interferes with communication and connection. Some of these behaviors are learned and can be unlearned. Processing feelings what is needed and lacking with direct clear feedback, in-session practice of communication, homework, stress management helps to diffuse explosion.

Anger Management

Philip Kolba, MA


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Anger is normal emotion that everyone experiences. It becomes a problem when one expresses anger inappropriately or one lacks the proficiency to express any emotions but anger. I use Humanistic and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) to help my clients understand their anger, improve their emotional experience, and express their emotions in healthy ways. A healthy emotional life is the cornerstone of living a full and successful life.

Anger Management

Sandra Dupont, MA, MS, MFT

Counseling, Coaching & Mentoring for Millennials

1247 7th Street, Suite 300, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Anger is a feeling that carries information. Anger alerts us to the awareness that we feel threatened in some way. People often get angry because they are in emotional pain. However, showing someone that you are in pain is a more effective way to help others feel remorse for what they did than raging at them. Emotionally intense young adults do not have to destroy any more relationships with "over the top" reactions! There are more effective ways of responding. I can teach these young people simple relaxation and awareness exercises that allow them to tame their anger.

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