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Brad Hieger, Ph.D.


5975 Parkway North Blvd., Suite 300 D, Cumming, Georgia 30040

Couples therapy can take two paths: focusing on the problems or focusing on the solutions. Many individuals enter couples counseling assuming that they will simply vent their frustrations to a counselor/judge who will tell them who's right. My approach is systems based and focused on solutions. We'll look at how relationship cycles emerge and get maintained through efforts to solve problems. Couples will grow in their understanding of each other and move beyond hurt and resentment to reconnect and strengthen their relationship.

Dorice Neir, M.Ed., M.A., L.P.C.

Licensed Professional Counselor

101 Colony Park Drive, Ste. 300C, Cumming, Georgia 30040

In my therapy for couples I take the stance that your relationship is my "client". Using the studies and approach that the Gottman Method of Couples Counseling has developed we will learn what the "Sound Relationship House" is made up of and how to apply those principles to your own. How to maintain connection even when you vehemently disagree, how to grow closer by building "Love Maps", how to build true friendship in your relationship, how to strengthen or rediscover intimacy, how to recognize when we are sabotaging all of this, among other things. These tools and more will help you develop a relationship that is strong and sure.

Sarah Bryan, Board Certified Christian Counselor

Board Cert. Christian Counselor, CTC

2450 Atlanta Highway Suite 1901, Cumming, Georgia 30040

Couples therapy is my passion! Relationships and all the dynamics that go along with them truly amaze me. Couples in any stage of a relationship can benefit from new perspectives and proven tools that can increase effective communication, solve problems before they start, and nurture love and respect toward one another. Restoring broken marriages and relationships is achievable. Often only one partner in the marriage or relationship is willing to come. That is normal and is often a springboard to amazing growth and health for both the individual and his or her relationships. Call for an appointment. (770)548-3034

Robert Gillette, M A, LPC

License Professional Counselor

2450 Atlanta Hwy, Suite 1901, Cumming, Georgia 30040

Everyone enters into relationships and marriage with their own set of ideas and their own ways of handling stress and difficulties. Many times the skills we learned as children to handle difficult situations and relational conflict are the same skills that we are trying to manage with as adults. Changing the way one reacts to stress in relationships and enhancing communication skills are key in developing healthy marriages and couple relationships.

Lisa Meyer, M.A., LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

2450 Atlanta Highway, Suite 1701, Cumming, Georgia 30040

Being in a committed relationship is a unique and fulfilling experience. However, living in a fast-paced culture where morality, values and a myriad of perceptions about what a committed relationship looks like, couples can be faced with a variety challenges. Whether you have been dating for a long-time and have hit a bump in the road, or if you are a couple considering pre-marital counseling, couples counseling can be a tremendous resource to bolster your future. In our work together you will learn how to reclaim, heal and fortify your relationship. You will learn effective communication and conflict resolution skills. Finally, you will obtain insight about yourself and your partner.

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