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Maybe you're feeling a little lost, or a lot lost.
Maybe you're struggling with certain thoughts or behaviors that feel out of your control.
Maybe you don’t even have words for what brought you here, but you know you just want to feel better.


Seeking psychotherapy is a sign of resourcefulness. When we are overwhelmed by painful feelings, we scramble to find ways to avoid and deny them. We cling to stories about ourselves that leave us feeling anxious and exhausted. Healing takes place when we can identify what is underneath these stories, and explore what’s there with compassion and curiosity.

I help people who long to feel a sense of inner safety and connectedness, but who are buried under the muck of self-doubt and criticism. I support them in uncovering the truth of their basic goodness so they can feel authentically connected to what is most important.


Many of us grew up in an environment that neither taught nor allowed us to be accepting or gentle with ourselves. We weren’t shown how to be friendly and welcoming to ALL of our experience. Feelings like anger, sadness, fear, or confusion often lead us to believe there must be something wrong with us. I believe that providing unconditional warmth and friendliness is the jumping off point to helping you discover your capacity for self-compassion.






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