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Addiction Therapist

Dr. Nikki Watkins, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

4080 Centre Street, Suite 202, San Diego, CA 92103

Unresolved traumas or issues from our past often manifest as addictions and compulsions later in life. Getting past the symptoms that attempt to mask the true root of an addiction is what you can expect during sessions with me. You deserve to regain control and autonomy in your life and live free of the addictions that try to claim your freedom. The loss of a child can often trigger or exacerbate addictions. Digging deep to work through and heal unresolved psychological issues is the next step on your journey to healing and wholeness. Let me walk with the path with you.

Addiction Therapist

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

San Diego, CA 92101

While most treatment approaches to addiction include 12 step programs, rehabs, and now sober living houses, Grey Matters International, Inc. provides a wildly successful alternative to traditional models of addiction treatment----that keeps the brain in mind. That is, talking to the conscious brain while the primal brain is deciding things even before you are consciously aware? Well, that is the problem to solve in addiction. We have the solution utilizing a new cutting edge neuroscience-centered brain rebalancing system. Contact or call 877-606-6161.

Addiction Therapist

Heather Bone, LMFT

Licensed Clinical Counselor

5752 Oberlin Dr. #225, San Diego, CA 92121

Addiction shows up in a variety of ways and not only affects the person struggling with a substance or activity but it also impacts everyone around them. At it's basic level, your addiction is your solution to reducing some level of pain or discomfort and increasing pleasure. I will help you look at the role your addiction plays in your life and help you reduce it's powerful hold on you while reconnecting with your loved ones and making amends.

Addiction Therapist

Tami Chelew, MA, CSAT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - LMFT #79759

10065 Old Grove Rd Ste 102, San Diego, CA 92131

I am an Emotionally Focused therapist (EFT) & I am a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist Candiate Level 4 0f 4 (CSAT). These two modalities work hand in hand for recovery and healing. EFT is an attachment model - helping individuals to become more securely attached to those who mean most. Sexual disorders & addiction disorders are disorders of bonding - a misguided attempt to secure attachment. When we dont have healthy, accessible people we can turn to for comfort & care, we often turn away to other things to cope & manage painful feelings. This is where addiction often forms. I work with someone who has some sobriety established to help them build secure relationship with self & others.

Addiction Therapist

Scott Wood, M.A.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

2333 Camino del Rio S., Ste 250, San Diego, CA

If your sexual behavior is causing problems in your life or relationships, help is available. I am a certified sexual addiction therapist candidate (CSAT) and have specialized training to help assess for and treat sexual addiction. Not everyone who acts out sexually is an addict and not all addicts exhibit the same patterns. Sexual addiction is devastating and difficult to overcome just be willpower. I provide a compassionate and supportive environment to work toward recovery from unhealthy patterns, establishing sexual health, and restoring damaged relationships. Contact me and together we can assess your situation and work toward putting you back in command of your life.

Addiction Therapist

Jennifer Costanza, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

2121 5th Avenue, Suite 214, San Diego, CA 92101

I have specialized training in treating problem and pathological gamblers as well as their family members. Through a research program conducted by UCLA, I am able to offer up to 16 sessions AT NO COST to the gambler AND his or her family members affected negatively by the gambling behavior. We meet in the comfort of my office and I also provide a workbook which provides very practical knowledge and assistance. Please call me for more specific details about this valuable program.

Addiction Therapist

Jonathan Steele, MA, MFTI

Marriage and Family Therapy Intern

2121 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

At the heart of addiction, I see a shameful cycle that can have a strong hold on people's lives. Addiction has distorted a person's self esteem and intimacy with others. Recovery means recapturing and defining your healthy cycle. The healthy cycle starts with finding a vision for the future and facing the real struggle addiction presents daily. Balancing vision and reality are necessary and I hope to walk alongside you during this journey.

Addiction Therapist

Aleksandra Drecun, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

12526 High Bluff Drive, Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92130

There are various types of addictions that include drugs, alcohol, spending, overeating, gambling, computer, smoking, pornography, sex, etc. Having a willingness to get the support one needs is essential in recovering from addiction—no matter how bad the addiction or how powerless you feel. Working with a professional who specializes in addiction is critical. Taking a holistic approach to treatment and recovery will help release you from the prison of addiction. Staying free from addiction for the long term will require building a new, meaningful life where addiction no longer has a place and you are in control of your own life and existence.

Addiction Therapist

Elisabeth Caetano, MA, MFT #37010

Licensed Psychotherapist

9330 Carmel Mountain Road, Suite C, San Diego, CA 92129

When we get busy, we get better! I work with Alanon-ics and Codependants as well as Adult Children of Alcoholics and Alcoholic family systems. I am a strong believer in the 12-step programs as they are a unique combination of psychology, action and spirituality. We cannot control people, places or things but we are 100% responsible for our own recovery, thoughts and actions. If you are working from a 12-step program, the therapy that I offer will be a strong addition to your work in recovery.

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Addiction Treatment in San Diego.

Addiction can be devastating, not only to the one suffering but also to loved ones. Support groups in California and counseling for gambling addiction in San Diego, sex addiction, San Diego internet addiction, drug addiction, and San Diego alcohol addiction are available tools for recovery. If you need a support group, counseling or treatment for addiction in San Diego, or need a therapist or treatment center to help treat alcoholism or a substance abuse counselor in San Diego, CA, Theravive has the right resources to help overcome dependency. Contact one of our addiction counselors today for rapid help and support.

Welcome to our network of therapists who specialize in addiction, San Diego. Treatment and counseling for addictions in San Diego: alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, internet addiction, and gambling addiction are some of the specializations our California therapists have that can help bring you or your loved on on a new journey of recovery. Addiction counseling San Diego, CA and treatment can help put your feet on solid ground for new hope towards a better life.