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Beth Matthews, M.C.P., R.Psych.

Registered Psychologist

Brickyard Cove, Stony Plain, Alberta

I am a Registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta. My approach to working with clients is often based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This approach is based on the view that our thoughts affect our feelings/emotions and our behaviour. When individuals are struggling their if often a lot of negative self-talk present and this may go unnoticed - it's automatic negative self-talk. I help individuals become more aware of this type of self-talk and we discussed the common types of negative self talk (i.e., cognitive distortions) and then learn ways to replace this with more affirmative and realistic thoughts. This process has been shown in the research to literally change ones brain chemistry and increase the hormones such as endorphines that...(view profile to read more)


Bailey Puchyr-Chartier, M.C.

Registered Psychologist

#106, 14 Mission Ave, St. Albert, Alberta

Sometimes life presents us with events that challenge our ability to cope. The ways we have used in the past no longer seem to work, and the search beings for a better way. As a Registered Psychologist I work to faciliate each individual journey towards personal growth and wellness. I use a variety of treatment methods to assist those struggling with; stress, life transitions, relationship challenges, self-esteem and body issues, mood distrubances, trauma and loss.


Michelle Vandegriend, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist

Registered Psychologist, Certified Gottman Therapist

Suite #107, Inglewood Plaza, 24 Inglewood Drive, St. Albert, Alberta

I am a registered psychologist who provides professional counselling services in St. Albert, Alberta. I help individuals, couples, and families in areas such as: marriage and couple issues, communication and conflict resolution, life transitions, anxiety and panic, stress-related concerns, depression, trauma, loss/grief, and anger management. I also provide clinical hypnotherapy.


Kevin Alderson, Ph.D.

Registered Psychologist

Available for Online Therapy

[NOTE: MY OFFICE IS IN CALGARY -- I DO VIDEO SESSIONS ELSEWHERE IN ALBERTA]. I have been a licensed psychologist for 31 years. I am also a professor of counselling psychology with an excellent background in clinical psychology as well. I specialize in cognitive behaviour therapy, psychodynamic therapy, person-centred therapy, existential therapy, and hypnotherapy. Whatever your concern, consider scheduling an appointment with me now by going to

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Stony Plain is located in Alberta, Canada. It has a land area of 35.72 square kilometers.  The population of Stony Plain is 17,189 people with 6,641 households . The population ranking for Stony Plain is #249 nationally and #26 for the province of Alberta with a density of 481.20 people per sq km. Stony Plain therapists serve postal code: T7Z.