Anger Management and Counselling in Stony Plain, AB.

Therapy and counselling for anger issues, self control and stress management in Stony Plain, Alberta. Find effective help for real change.

Anger Therapist

Michelle Vandegriend, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist

Registered Psychologist, Certified Gottman Therapist

Suite #107, Inglewood Plaza, 24 Inglewood Drive, St. Albert, Alberta

Anger is a basic, normal emotion. When it begins to take control and interfere in various aspects of life; however, such as relationships, work, and overall health can can lead to destruction and decrease one's quality of living. I help individuals work through intense and ongoing feelings of anger - by helping individuals understand the root of their anger, identify triggers, and learn to integrate effective strategies they can reclaim aspects of their life and feel happier.

Anger Therapist

Bailey Puchyr-Chartier, M.C.

Registered Psychologist

#106, 14 Mission Ave, St. Albert, Alberta

Anger can be one of the more misunderstood emotions. It can be just anger, or it can be the face of underlying hurt, shame and loneliness. I work with clients to faciliate a greater understanding of the meaning of thier anger, where it comes from and what is supporting it. It is this increase in understanding that then helps us move forward to improved coping and management of these intense emotions.

Anger Therapist

Kevin Alderson, Ph.D.

Registered Psychologist

Available for Online Therapy

[NOTE: MY OFFICE IS IN CALGARY -- I DO VIDEO SESSIONS ELSEWHERE IN ALBERTA]. Anger has gotten the better of you and it is time to do something about that now. Come see me. I have been a psychologist for 31 years and I know how to help people. I often use cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness meditation, hypnotherapy, and several other helpful methods to bring down your overall arousal level. Bring some calmness of spirit into your life right away and book a session with me by visiting

Anger Therapist

Beth Matthews, M.C.P., R.Psych.

Registered Psychologist

Brickyard Cove, Stony Plain, Alberta

In working with clients, I help them identify triggers such as thoughts, situations, or feelings that switch on their anger. I help clients learn alternate ways to express anger in a healthy and assertive way. We also focus on learning relaxation strategies and identifying anger-inducing self-talk, and generating alternative ways to moderate anger.

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Stony Plain is located in Alberta, Canada. It has a land area of 35.72 square kilometers.  The population of Stony Plain is 17,189 people with 6,641 households . The population ranking for Stony Plain is #249 nationally and #26 for the province of Alberta with a density of 481.20 people per sq km. Stony Plain therapists serve postal code: T7Z.