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Depression Counselor

Rochelle Green, PhD, RPS

Research Psychoanalyst Candidate

1000 Quail St., Ste 250, Newport Beach, California

My philosophical work on the nature of hope and despair is particularly well suited for working with clients suffering from depression. While my explicit aim is cultivating and creating a space of genuine hope, I also believe it is essential to recognize the reasons for despair and to diligently work through those circumstances. Compassionate understanding and patience facilitate hope.

Depression Counselor

Hui Reccow, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

1151 Dove Street #113, Newport Beach, California

In looking at the roots of depression I have found a strong correlation to fear, pain, and at times loss. When we begin to address the root causes underlying depression we may also find that your voice (inner and outer) has been stifled - feeling trapped and alone from people and things. When we sit together we will be able to suss out the difference between being alone vs. loneliness.

Depression Counselor

Deborah Farnsworth, Psy.D.


1151 Dove Street, Suite 278, Newport Beach, California

Depression is a debilitating condition hallmarked by feelings of hopelessness and futility. Although you may want to isolate when feeling depressed the best thing you can do is to begin to talk about the feelings we have and create a caring support system for yourself. In your treatment you will begin to understand your feelings and find ways of regaining balance and mastery. I can help you to turn depressive feelings around so that you can feel stronger and live a richer and fuller life.

Depression Counselor

Sue Shepard, MFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

2900 Bristol St., Suite G-201, Costa Mesa, California

Do you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Does the heaviness make it hard for you to get out of bed? Do you wish you could keep the covers over your head rather than face life right now? Are you sleeping too much or not at all? Are you having difficulty taking care of routine things like paying the bills or cleaning the house? All of these can be signs of depression and there is help. I know it’s hard to reach out when you feel so bad, but doing nothing will be harder in the long run. Please take the first step & give me a call at 714-751-0888. We will work together to release the grip that depression has on you and restore you back to the person you truly are.

Depression Counselor

Simina Eshtehardi, Ph.D., Hypnotherapy

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Somatic Psychotherapy (holistic approach)

1151 Dove Street, Suite 245 , Newport Beach, California

Depression does not dissipate when it is ignored. The path through involves acknowledgement of the feelings, and a willingness to express the thoughts, physical sensations, and life choices that accompany depression. Dr. Simina provides a place to engage in this process, giving you the opportunity to find relief and release from depression. She has years of experience with assessing, identifying, and helping her clients understand the source of their depression and taking steps to resolving it. Dr. Simina's clients report that her genuine interest in her clients' care, and researched-based plus bodymind techniques of therapy helps them recover from their depression in a timely manner.

Depression Counselor

Elizabeth Armstrong, MA, MFTI

Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern

2900 Bristol Street Suite C-208, Costa Mesa, California

Tired of seeing the world through a grey sky? Feeling so overwhelmed that the thought of getting out of bed is too much? It sounds like depression has shown up at your door, and it is not welcome. You are not your sadness. Together we will find ways that work for you to lift the weight of depression of your shoulders and bring joy into your life once more. I utilize mindfulness, solution-focused, Narrative and Cognitive-Behavioral techniques to help relieve some of the burden of being down dragged down by depression. Don't allow depression to keep you in isolation, let me lead you through the darkness, onto a brighter day.

Depression Counselor

Julie Wells, M.S., LMFT

Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist

7545 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 200, Irvine, California

I specialize in helping clients find ways to fight depression without resorting to medication. There are a number of ways including creating awareness of thought patterns and how they affect our moods, identifying your own unique downward cycle, and scientifically proven strategies. Schedule a free 20 minute consultation to learn more.

Depression Counselor

Beth Siegel, PsyD.,LCSW

Doctor of Psychology in Psychoanalysis

3151 Airway, I-1, Costa Mesa, California

Everyone experiences sadness at some point in their lives. How do we know if it is depression? You may be feeling sad, empty, anxious, hopeless, and/or irritable. You may feel sleepy or have difficulty in sleeping; changes in your appetite; a loss of interest in activities or trouble concentrating. Studies have shown that talk therapy can be as effective in treating mild to moderate depression as medications. In our therapy sessions together, I will help you explore and manage the feelings of defeat that you may have. In a gentle way, I will work with you to help understand some of the patterns you may have developed that are no longer serving you in a positive way.

Depression Counselor

The A Treatment Center, LPCC, LMFT

The A Treatment Center; Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist

2721 East Coast Highway Suite 209 Corona Del Mar, Corona Del Mar , California

Evere lie on the floor in such pain, you think it will never pass and can't see the light at the end of the tunnel? We are here to help you get up off the floor. Its not easy and its not fast, but You're Not Alone! We understand and we are here. We have tools to help. We use evidence based practices, Hypnotherapy, EMDR and a variety of there tools to help you find your foothold and stand on your own. We offer all clients a list of stress reduction tips. You may receive homework to do between sessions. We help you find joy again. Call for a Free 15 minute phone consultation.

Depression Counselor

Marijane Ward, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

1151 Dove Street Suite 230, Newport Beach, California

Depression, just the very word feels hopeless and limited, there is a sense of internal and external collapse of the world. Yet it can also be used as a tremendous starting point to examine one's life, goals, expectations and longings, both current and historical. Depression can actually function to suppress emotional pain that has been cut off, denied and stuffed away. Depression is treatable today.

Depression Counselor

Mary Ann Nugent, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist

4199 Campus Dr. Ste. 550, Irvine, California

Are you spiraling downward and unable to retain a positive outlook? The effects and perceptions of external circumstances can create internal disturbances. Together, in a secure environment, you will be able to express and explore your inner most thoughts and feelings. By increasing awareness of self defeating negative thoughts and patterns of behavior, we will be able to identify alternative choices of being and relating. Acknowledging and reconfiguring our thoughts is often the path to regaining a healthy sense of self and the future.

Depression Counselor

Brenda Gesell, Ph.D.

Licensed M.F.T. Individual, Couples and Group Therapist

1000 Quail Street, Suite 275, Newport Beach, California

I work with individuals who experience an inner critical voice that attacks them with messages such as: “I am not enough”; “I need to be a better person”; "I cannot trust others". Some explain feeling overly responsible and share that they have difficulty expressing their authentic feelings to others. I help my clients discover that there is plenty of room for every aspect of their personhood. Shame, depression and anxiety dissipate and self-acceptance is the natural byproduct. Letting go of shame and worry leads to greater joy and fulfillment in interpersonal relationships.

Depression Counselor

Tracy Kuhar, MA, CM, LMFT


1151 Dove Street, Suite 245, Newport Beach, California

Knowing that you have a certain sadness or even a low mood for consecutive days may indicate that you have depression. Gaining a proper diagnosis and treatment plan with help you on your way to recovery. I work with clients who perhaps can't put their finger on what is really causing their constant low mood. However, just accepting that there is an issue and reaching out for some support takes great strength and courage. This is the first step to not only self actualization but so your path to inner peace.

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Irvine is located in Orange County, California. It has a land area of 65.58 square miles and a water area of 0.34 square miles.  The population of Irvine is 256,927 people with 87,235 households and a median annual income of $92,278. .

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