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Joann Riggio, M.S., M.A. LMFT

LIcensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Phone & Email:  Connect With Joann

1720-S. Amphlett Blvd., San Mateo, CA 94402

I provide a safe & comfortable healing space to help couples reestablish effective communication, & connectedness by utilizing techniques from Dr. John Gottman, and Dr. Sue Johnson's Emotional Focused Couples Therapy.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Couples/Marriage Counseling
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • EMDR
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Work Related Stress
  • Parenting

Philip Kolba, MA

Phone & Email:  Connect With Philip

Online Therapist / Coach

Are you fulfilled by your relationships as you deserve to be? I specialize in online relationship counseling for LGBTQ and hetero clients. By examining your life and relationships with a counselor you can increase your capacity for happiness and success.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Relationships
  • Couples
  • Alternative Relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Narcissism
  • Asperger / Spectrum Disorder
  • Tinnitus

Jenny Liu, MEd. MFT. NLP. Confidence Coach

Online Therapist & Coach, Online Career Counselor
Phone & Email:  Connect With Jenny

Online Therapist / Coach

Feeling frustrated for the direction your relationship is taking? Do you have trust issues? Do you have lots of doubts? I can help you work through guilt/resentment/dissatisfaction and move on to strengths and loving relationships.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Anxiety; Phobia;PTSD
  • ADD,distraction
  • Depression; Stress
  • Relationships;
  • Career; Midlife Crisis
  • Self-esteem, Confidence
  • College Success
  • Spiritual Growth; Identity

Daryl Temkin, Daryl Temkin

Ph.D., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Phone & Email:  Connect With Daryl

Online Therapist / Coach

Dr. Temkin specializes in individual and marital or relationship counseling including issues as, commitment, loyalty, communication, trust, sexuality, infidelity, conflict resolution, children, adoption, blended families and relatives.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Individual Counseling
  • Marital Counseling
  • Crisis Intervension
  • Anxiety, Stress, Depression
  • Infidelity and Guilt
  • Relationship Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Overcoming Relationship Stress

Philippe Nicolay, MS, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist
Phone & Email:  Connect With Philippe

161 W. 25th AVE., SUITE 101, San Mateo, CA 94403

I thoroughly enjoy aiding couples in their ability to communicate with one another so they can fully enjoy the potential of their relationship. Facilitating deeper understanding in your and your partners feelings enable you as a couple to grow closer & stronger.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Couples Counseling
  • Trauma Recovery / Emdr
  • Fertility Issues
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Stress Managment
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Teenagers
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San Mateo is very family-oriented, providing youth and teen summer camps, as well as other activities throughout the year. If your family enjoys swimming, there are family fun nights at the pool, where you can enjoy the water and have a picnic. San Mateo also holds a National Night Out in August for the residents of the city to get together for a BBQ and games, and it is free!1 There are many different programs for kids and teens, such as drama, arts and crafts, and music. There is also the opportunity to learn different languages, such as Spanish. The city also publishes a calendar of events that includes all business and events happenings throughout the year. This is a great way for residents or visitors to learn what's happening in San Mateo. Of course if the outdoors is your passion, there are many areas to ride your bike that are safe for the whole family.

Marriage and Couples Mental Health in San Mateo

Many families in San Mateo have a need for services to facilitate better family functioning. To meet this need, the San Mateo County Department of Children and Family Services offers a variety of support programs for families. Those who are in the process of adopting a child can go to the county's adoption agency for support. The Adolescent Services Division provides current and former teenage foster children with classes, workshops, and job training seminars. Early intervention programs have also been implemented at area elementary schools in order to develop increased bonds between children and their parents, as well as raise awareness about childhood mental disorders.2

The Youth Leadership Institute provides San Mateo youth with many programs to increase ties among youth groups, cultivate relationships between children and local businesses and government agencies, and provide educational training. Groups associated with the Youth Leadership Institute work to make positive changes in the community, such as restricting alcohol and tobacco advertisements to reduce teen drinking and smoking. Additional information is available by calling 650-347-4963.3

Family Services and Assistance Programs

The San Mateo County Health System offers many support services to individuals and families throughout the county. Outpatient service centers offer programs for elderly citizens at risk of institutionalization and people in a mental health crisis. School-based programs seek to help children overcome emotional disturbances. Residential treatment and drug rehab services are also available. All services are provided with the goal of helping San Mateo residents maintain their independence and improve their mental health functioning. Additional information about the county's mental health programs is available by calling 800-686-0101.4


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