Marriage counseling that Heals in Miami, FL. Restore Your Relationship.

Speak with the right marriage therapist in Miami. Real help for issues like separation, communication, infidelity, and finances.

Marriage Counselor

Mark A Martinez, MS MFT, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

1550 Madruga Avenue, Suite 307, Coral Gables, Florida

I am a strong believer in marriage and will do everything possible to help you fight for and save your marriage. I would love to help enrich your family and guide you to a more fulfilling relationships.

Marriage Counselor

Jose Sandoval, Ph.D., AADP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Board Certified Holistic Health Coach

11401 SW 40th Street, Suite 314, Miami, Florida

A healthy marriage takes work. Therapy will reach the heart of the issues and begin the process of restoration. Let's get started.

Marriage Counselor

Maria Rodriguez, Maria A. Rodriguez, MS, RN, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

9495 SW 72 Street - Suite B-294, Miami, Florida

I practice being a marriage counselor and have been very successful in obtaining good results in assisting couples with their journey. I was trained by the Gottman Institute for couples counseling and use their method which is evidenced based.

Marriage Counselor

Stan Hyman, PhD., LCSW

Dr. Stan Hyman

2999 NE 191 Street, Suite 703, Miami, Florida

Marriage Counseling, Relationship Therapy and Affair Recovery are my specialties. A marriage is not over when an affair occurs! Once an affair has been acknowledged, the couple can begin to rebuild and create an even stronger relationship than before.

Marriage Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

Though we are not licensed marriage counselors, Grey Matters International, Inc. provides cutting edge brain optimization and rebalancing technology to better align the minds of partners to reduce conflict, increase hope---for the brain has the final word on change.

Marriage Counselor

Maria Sue Butler, LMFT, Supervisor State Of Florida

LMFT Diplomate, Certified of Anger management

6790 TAFT ST, HOLLYWOOD, Florida

Families are the most important elements of society. We believe that healthy families form great communities. It all starts with the couple. We do intense couples and family therapy. Our relational skill building approach has helped many couples and families to reduce v

Marriage Counselor

Ernesto Felipe, LMHC, M.S., MS.Ed., NBCC, CRRTP

Board Certified Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach

75 Valencia Avenue Suite 301, Coral Gables, Florida

We offer pre-marital and marriage counseling based on strategies tested by research and practice for communication, infidelity, conflict resolution, while attending to 5 basic principles: commitment, acceptance, responsibility, influence, narrative and forgiveness.

Marriage Counselor

Claudia Fraga, LCSW

Counselor/Child, Adolescent and Family Psychotherapist

8525 SW 92 Street, Suite B8, Miami, Florida

With Divorce rates well over 50% , divorce seems to have become a trend of modern times. Couples counseling addresses all issues that may be affecting a relationship to conserve the relationship and increase mutual satisfaction.

Marriage Counselor

Mario Garcia, Jr., Ph.D., J.D., LLM., PCC

Strategic Interventionist & Results Coach / Mental Health Counselor

10751 SW 104 Street, Miami, Florida

Relationship counseling requires experience and depth. I bring 36 years of marriage to my junior high school sweetheart in addition to sharing relationship coaching, speaking and training in both English/Spanish in more than 50+ countries.

Marriage Counselor

David S. Kessler, MSW,LCSW,DAPA

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Life Coach

1444 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 208-31, Miami, Florida

Over time, couples often hit relationship 'trouble spots' that can be difficult to navigate - I work with couples to help navigate their way through these troubled times. Much of the time, these 'trouble spots' end up strengthening and enhancing the relationship.

Marriage Counselor

Faramroze Sarkari, M.S., LMHC


11715 S.W. 87 AVENUE, MIAMI, Florida

A healthy marriage takes work. Therapy will reach the heart of the issues and begin the process of restoration. Let's get started.

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Counseling Miami Florida

Therapist Fisher Island, Doral, Brownsville, Coral Gables, Gladeview, West Little River, Hialeah, Fountainbleau

Miami, Florida is the infamous city of water sports and fun. Here your children, teenagers, and adult family members of all ages are sure to find something to entertain them. One of the best places in the area to enjoy a family picnic with amenities to support everything from basketball to football is Tropical Park.1 Enjoy boating, riding bikes, and even swimming. Parrot Jungle Island is your one-stop spot for families with a love and passion for animals. Your children and teenagers will love observing the birds, penguins, crocodiles, and much more. Those in the mood for adventure can participate in Miami Hang Gliding, as they soar over the water like a bird in the sky. Cape Florida Lighthouse, the Children's Museum, Lucky Strike Lanes, and Sunrise Cinemas are a few other sites your family should stop by at your convenience.

Marriage and Couples Mental Health in Miami

The primary issue facing couples in Miami-Dade County is the high number of divorces and separations.2 Additionally, in a single month, there can be over 4,000 temporary or permanent injunctions against a partner after a domestic dispute.3 Fortunately, there are a number of public and private organizations that help victims of domestic violence find counseling, housing, jobs, and other necessary resources to overcome the situation they are currently facing. The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Council of Greater Miami is one such organization offering these services. In the event of an emergency, call their hotline at 1-800-500-1119.4

People interested in helping stem the tide of divorces in Miami can obtain a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Miami. The curriculum includes 45 credit hours of classroom learning combined with a yearlong practicum experience. Graduates of the program are eligible to become a licensed practitioner in Florida through the Florida Board of Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling. For additional information about the program, please call 305-284-6351.5

Family Services and Assistance Programs

The Florida Department of Children and Families is responsible for planning, managing, and evaluating mental health services for families in all parts of Florida. The department provides extensive resources for families who are in need of mental health treatment. Through partnerships with public and private organizations, the department has devised a number of prevention-related substance abuse programs, as well as programs targeting the needs of veterans, suicide prevention, and child-specific issues. People thinking about suicide are encouraged to call the department's suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255.6


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Miami is located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It has a land area of 35.98 square miles and a water area of 20.07 square miles.  The population of Miami is 441,003 people with 157,347 households and a median annual income of $31,051. .

Therapy Affordability Meter for Miami, FL

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Committing to weekly sessions of therapy without insurance coverage or low cost options is very challenging for most people in Miami. If this applies to you, please contact your counselor and ask about sliding scale options or inquire about insurance coverage. The good news is that there are options available to you to establish an effective relationship with a great therapist in Miami. Your well being and health are important enough to make the best possible effort for