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Family Therapist

Sarah Schlote, MA, RP, CCC, SEP

Registered Psychotherapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

5420 Highway 6 North, rooms 338-342 (East Entrance), Guelph, Ontario

The Refuge's can support your family to heal and recover from a variety of life challenges, including trauma, addictions, eating disorders, grief and loss, separation and divorce, conflict, complex family dynamics, and other transitions and stressors. Our approach is trauma-specific, body- and emotion-focused, and grounded in attachment theory, neuroscience and family systems to help you and your loved ones restore respectful communication, mutual understanding, repair attachment injuries, develop emotion regulation skills, promote attuned parenting, and reconnect with joy and enjoyment with one another. Our team offers individual, couples and family sessions.

Family Therapist

Tressa Porter, M.A.

Registered Psychotherapist and Consultant

Available for Online Therapy

Family therapy is a process for everyone to feel heard, understood and that their needs matter. From the youngest to the eldest all our needs matter. Through a process of growing empathy for each other, we can explore creative ways where everyone can get their needs met and everyone can have space to be themselves. Sometimes we all get confused about what we are really wanting. So often conflict and misunderstandings create isolation in even the most loving families. Our work together is to make the time and space to understand each other and find the way back from conflict to connection.

Family Therapist

Tamara McCarty, MSW, RSW

Registered Psychotherapist and Social Worker

431 St. Andrew St. West, Fergus, Ontario

How do you love your family without "losing your mind". If so, it doesn't have to, there is hope. It may feel like you are living on the edge of a volcano never knowing when the next eruption might happen. Come learn how to not only survie but thrive in your family. There is such joy in helping to shape the next generation. Take a step off the volcano to firmer ground and develop positive ways of building the family you want.

Family Therapist

Janeen Weatherhead, RP, CCC

Registered Psychotherapist & Canadian Certified Counsellor

We all learn differently, express differently, and quite often perceive experiences differently because we bring a different "lens" and that is why your counsellor needs to be CREATIVE and FLEXIBLE. As parents we feel a deep responsibility to be these great parents and raise remarkable kids, but life isn't so easy and we are far from perfect. We need to give ourselves a break sometimes because we are only doing the best we can with what we have. Sometimes we just need a little help along the way. No matter how large your family is, lets find solutions and have FUN while we are doing it!

Family Therapist

JoAnne Clark, M.A., C. Psych.

Registered Psychologist

294 Mill Street East, Ste. 112E, Elora, Ontario

Treating family issues using a systems approach is highly successful! We try to change ourselves but when we do this others dig their heals in and the outcome can be quite challenging. Did you know - you are already well on your way to change because 'when one person changes, everyone around them must change'. Managing and understanding the dynamics and involving all players is key with Family Therapy!!!

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Thank you for visiting our Ontario search of licensed family therapists in Fergus.  Discord due from strife, marital problems, sibling rivalry, family of origin issues and blended families (just to name a few) can strain and hurt loving relationships. Counselling with honesty and depth will get to the heart of the issues and work towards healing. Find resolution for your family in Fergus right now, please contact a specialist above, you can email 24/7.

Fergus is located in Ontario, Canada.  The population of Fergus is 20,767 people. Fergus therapists serve postal code: N1M.