Stress, PTSD and Anxiety Therapists in Fergus, ON.

Licensed professional counselling for anxiety, stress, phobias, and panic in Fergus, Ontario.

Anxiety Counsellor

Tamara McCarty, MSW, RSW

Registered Psychotherapist and Social Worker

431 St. Andrew St. West, Fergus, Ontario

How tough it is to live in the unknown but htere is hope and relief out there! If only we could have a crystal ball to tell us how our choices and decisions will affect us. Too often our vision seems cloudy. Anxiety and the unknown can feel very tiring. Let us hlep you gain some clarity and relief from the anxiety that follow you. Through new ways of thinking and new ways of acting we can help you gain that clearer and calmer life..

Anxiety Counsellor

JoAnne Clark, M.A., C. Psych.

Registered Psychologist

294 Mill Street East, Ste. 112E, Elora, Ontario

Cognitve Therapy is an effective modality that I use to treat General Anxiety, Specific Anxiety, Phobias, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Facing our fears through exposure therapy (i.e. guided imagery, in-vivo exposure, systematic desensitization) is an empiracally evidenced modality that is supported and successfully used by many psychologists.

Anxiety Counselor

Jennifer Shneer, AWCCA, M.S.W., RSW, CT

Registered Social Worker

Available for Online Therapy

Anxiety and stress seems to be so prevalent in society right now! We will work together to understand the source of your anxiety or stress. I will offer some practical strategies that you can use when feeling anxious or stressed. We will work on catching the anxious thought, and how to change that thinking to a more balanced and healthy perspective. I will use a CBT approach to do this work.

Anxiety Counsellor

Esther Allison, R.P. (Qualifying), M.A.

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

If you are feeling overwhelmed about the future and uncertain how to manage your stress, you are not alone. We live in a fast-paced, busy culture that can place many demands on us. In therapy, we are able to slow things down by spending some time identifying what thoughts, feelings and behaviours may be increasing the level of anxiety and stress you are experiencing. Together, we can create a plan to manage your anxiety and reduce your stress by integrating a variety of techniques that best suits your needs including: mindfulness, self-compassion, cognitive-behavioural techniques (CBT) and/or some strategies from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Anxiety Counsellor

Janeen Weatherhead, RP, CCC

Registered Psychotherapist & Canadian Certified Counsellor

I believe we all have moments in our lives when we experience stress and anxiety. Every single one of us could benefit from tools taken from mindfulness exercises as I do in my personal life. I tend to address these issues from a teaching and practicing approach with clients. Its one thing to suggest and explain something, but there has been greater success when we try it out together in session. I have used role play exercises from time to time when the client feels it would be beneficial to decrease the intensity of their anxiety. I love when my clients confidence starts to build because they have implemented what we have practiced in session and learned that it works!

Anxiety Counsellor

Sarah Schlote, MA, RP, CCC, SEP

Registered Psychotherapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

5420 Highway 6 North, rooms 338-342 (East Entrance), Guelph, Ontario

Anxiety, stress and trauma are The Refuge's main specializations. Our holistic approach will help you address not only the mental aspects of anxiety and stress (core beliefs, negative thoughts, expectations and demands, etc.), but also their emotional and physical components. We can help you build resiliency through mindfulness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance skills that help you understand how to read and respond to the non-verbal cues in your body and nervous system. If you have been conditioned to override or ignore your needs in order to caretake for others, we can support you to honour yourself while also attending to your commitments in a balanced way:

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