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Speak with the right marriage therapist in Saint Thomas. Real help for issues like separation, communication, infidelity, and finances.

Marriage Counsellor

Natasha Minor, MA, CCC

Registered Psychotherapist (Q)

1352 Wharncliffe Road South, London, Ontario

A healthy marriage takes work. Therapy will reach the heart of the issues and begin the process of restoration. Let's get started.

Marriage Counselor

Jennifer Shneer, AWCCA, M.S.W., RSW, CT

Registered Social Worker

Available for Online Therapy

A healthy marriage takes work. Therapy will reach the heart of the issues and begin the process of restoration. Let's get started.

Marriage Counselor

Tressa Porter, M.A.

Registered Psychotherapist and Consultant

Available for Online Therapy

Conflict in our marriage can feel as if our needs will never be met. We may battle, get nowhere then retreat and hide. I work to help you both identify and get exactly what you need, discovering yes yes solutions that can allow your marriage to come alive again.

Marriage Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

At Home or Private Discreet Intensives

Though we are not licensed marriage counselors, Grey Matters International, Inc. provides cutting edge brain optimization and rebalancing technology to better align the minds of partners to reduce conflict, increase hope---for the brain has the final word on change.

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Residents of St. Thomas, Ontario have come to appreciate the rich heritage and quaint appeal of the city.  This location offers the feel of an old time town with the convenience of a modern city. Many local attractions are available for an afternoon of entertainment. The St Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre offers many programs with a focus on historical and contemporary visual art. Christian marriage counselling is available to help when family planning has become more emotionally taxing than joyful. With a couples therapist, reignite the ambition to continue trying for the family you’ve always wanted. The programs offered are diverse, complimented by 16 separate exhibitions held each year at the center. A permanent collection is always available for viewing.  The Talbot Trail is another great attraction in St. Thomas. This stretch of walking trail offers a refreshing afternoon to stretch your legs while you learn about  local history. The trail covers many of the original roads constructed by the first settlers in Colonel Talbot.1 Hikers and cyclists can try the St. Thomas Elgin Winery Route. This organized path takes travelers through the Meadow Lane Winery, the Quai du Vin Estate Winery, and the Rush Creek Winery.

Marriage and Couples Mental Health in St Thomas

St. Thomas, Ontario has only been a city for just more than 120 years. Currently, it has a population of 37,906 people living there and over recent years it has strived to become a brilliant community. This city has a very diverse population and it offers so much to the people who live there. There are good jobs available, many things to do, a strong education system, and various activities and clubs that help the people to be more social and active.

Slightly more than 7% of the population living here is currently divorced. Ontario has about 5.6% of the total population being reported as divorced, and Canada overall has 6%.2 This may be mostly due to financial problems and mental illness that can result because of stress and anxiety. Families and couples have to face many challenges, and cases of severe anxiety and chronic depression have been seen.

Family Services and Assistance Programs

Family Service Thames Valley is an organization that has done a lot of work with locals to help them achieve mental health. The health of the community is very important, and mental health is a huge part of this. For this reason, the Family Service Thames County has done a lot of work to ensure that there are programs and various resources that citizens can use when they need them. There are counselling services, outreach programs, support groups, and a crisis line (519-433-2023) available.3 In addition, the city of St. Thomas, Ontario also has other resources for those who are struggling financially as well. There are food pantries, clothing drives, and affordable housing, as well as many more programs that can help.4


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St Thomas is located in Ontario, Canada. It has a land area of 35.63 square kilometers.  The population of St Thomas is 38,909 people with 16,586 households . The population ranking for St Thomas is #122 nationally and #50 for the province of Ontario with a density of 1092.10 people per sq km. St Thomas therapists serve postal code: N5P.