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Marriage Counsellor

Emily Beeckmans, B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W., RSW

Emily Beeckmans

141 Wortley Road Unit #2, London, Ontario

I work collaboratively with couples to understand their individual needs and ideal relationship. I focus on guiding couples to navigate life changes and challenges, with honesty, integrity and kindness.

Marriage Counselor

Tressa Porter, M.A.

Therapist and Consultant

Online Therapist / Coach

Conflict in our marriage can feel as if our needs will never be met. We may battle, get nowhere then retreat and hide. I work to help you both identify and get exactly what you need, discovering yes yes solutions that can allow your marriage to come alive again.

Marriage Counsellor

Ellen Faubert, M. Div., ThM., PhD.

Registered Psychotherapist and Pastoral Counsellor

115 Killarney Place, London, Ontario

I assist couples who are experiencing relationship difficulties and help them to in regain an appreciation for each other.

Marriage Counsellor

Natasha Minor, MA, CCC

Registered Psychotherapist (Q)

1352 Wharncliffe Road South, London, Ontario

A healthy marriage takes work. Therapy will reach the heart of the issues and begin the process of restoration. Let's get started.

Marriage Counsellor

Nancy VanderSchaaf, MEd., Ph.D., CCC

Canadian Certified Counsellor

Lambeth, London, Ontario

I work with couples to strengthen relationships or to rebuild trust. Each couple and relationship is unique, therefore, my approach with each is also unique depending on the personalities and issues the couple wish to work on.

Marriage Counsellor

Barry Johnston-Spooner, M.Ed., Registered Psychotherapist

Registered Psychotherapist

40 Windsor Avenue in Wortley Village, London, Ontario

Each one of us is like a small group - we've various sides to us. In a family, as a couple or in a relationship these aspects can learn 'with' each other - or clash. Couple and Family therapy is about harmonizing these relationships - both within as well as between us.

Marriage Counsellor

Peter Dikih, H.B.Sc., M.Ed., R.P.

Counsellor and Registered Psychotherapist

151B York Street, London, Ontario

When working with couples and families, my desire is to facilitate healing and restoration. My interventions have helped many repair relational damages, heal from hurts and develop critial interpersonal skills resulting in healthy and vibrant relationships.

Marriage Counsellor

Carol Davies, M.A., CCP, EFT-Adv

Life Success Counselor

A healthy marriage takes work. Therapy will reach the heart of the issues and begin the process of restoration. Let's get started.

Marriage Counsellor

Adela Gorodzinsky, M.Ed., CTP, CBT, CCC, TIRF, COSF

Certified Canadian Counsellor

404 Whisker Court, London, Ontario

I am passionate about couples and families getting along one another. Learning to respect and care for each other is sometimes no easy task. Through working together, clients can learn skills to help them enjoy a healthy and life-giving couple &/ or family dynamic.

Marriage Counsellor

Dr. Robert Unger, PhD., C.Psych. and RMFT

Registered Psychologist\Registered Marriage&Family Therapist

201-186 Albert Street, London, Ontario

In addition to being a Registered Psychologist since 1977, I am also a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (RMFT) since 1983. We will sit down together in a comfortable setting and work things out in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Marriage Counsellor

Fern Banner, M.A., RP, RMFT, CPCS, CSAT

Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Marriage & Family Therapist

620 Richmond Street, Unit i, London, Ontario

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist

Marriage Counsellor

Patricia Berendsen, RMFT, RSW, RP, SEP

Psychotherapist, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist

2-521 Nottinghill Rd. 2nd Floor, London, Ontario

I am a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist. My approach is to work with each couple together. In collaboration, we look for the strengths in the relationship. What brought you together in the first place, and then what has contributed to the current challenges?

Marriage Counsellor

Jack Ferrari, Ph.D., C. Psych.


230 Victoria St., #201, London, Ontario

Couples, Families and Relationships: Dr. Ferrari has done considerable with with couples and families, from a family systems orientation. He has worked in a hospital setting and for an Employee Assistance Program, and understands systems and relationship issues well.

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Therapy London, ON

Byron, Lambeth, Middlesex County, Oakridge Acres, Westminster

The University of Western Ontario employs over 1,000 faculty members and nearly 30,000 students attend undergraduate and graduate studies.  The ranking is in the top of Canadian universities.  Part of UWO, the Richard Ivey School of Business, is ranked 41st in the world!  Fanshawe College enrolls over 13,000 students which include 3,500 apprentices and students from over 80 countries as well as tens-of-thousands of part-time continuing education studies.  The London Knights Hockey League performs at the John Labatt Centre, and has enjoyed championship games. The Majors Baseball League play at the Labatt Park which opened in 1877 and which is the world’s oldest baseball field in its original location.1 The University of Western Ontario, the Mustangs play football at TD Waterhouse Stadium.  Indoor cycling takes place at the Forest City Velodrome, which is the only indoor facility in Ontario. 

The tourist industry captures numerous festivals during the summer some of which are the London International Children’s Festival, the Home County Folk Festival, the Taste of London festival and the second largest rib festival in North America.  As well, one of the biggest Pride festivals in Ontario and Sunfest, a World Music and Culture Festival is enjoyed during the summer months.  The area is home to the Guy Lombardo Museum and the Museum of Ontario Archaeology, owned by the University of Western Ontario.  Storybook Gardens is an amusement park and zoo for children. The Regional Children’s Museum is a learning place for children and parents hosting numerous intriguing and interesting items for kids to enjoy.  Therapy and relationship counseling is a vital resource that can instigate change that heals a lifetime of hurt and abuse. For art patrons, musical entertainment can be found at the International Blues Festival, Home County Folk Festival, and the Fringe Festival. 

Marriage and Couples Mental Health in London

First Nations Peoples� populations are relatively higher in London than other regions around Ontario.2 London and Western London are largely multicultural communities where FNMI individuals have assimilated relatively seamlessly into society. However, there are still certain local facilities dedicated to maintain a sense of balance for these �native� populations.

Couples of native, non-inuit and non-metis origins have a variety of mental health services they can visit for couples therapy and marriage counseling. Most of these institutions are open to the general population too.

Family Services and Assistance Programs

The Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre (SOAHAC), located in central London, is a unique non-profit mental health service that provides counseling and therapy programs to FMNI individuals.3 Their goal is to provide holistic, spiritual mental health services to Aboriginal populations and people from associate First Nations. Culturally and linguistically appropriate counseling services are offered to families of native descent. Parents may take their children to mental health assessments, psychological consultations and group therapy sessions that aim to empower children and families about their individuality and cultural history.

Contact SOAHAC at 1-877-672-4079 to set up a preliminary consultation or to gain more information.4

Family Service Thames Valley is another family oriented mental health service that runs a variety of unique counseling programs targeted at specific population demographics. Their programs include the Muslim Family Support Service, Impact of Job Loss Support Group and Family Credit Counseling Group.


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London is located in Ontario, Canada. It has a land area of 420.35 square kilometers.  The population of London is 383,822 people with 163,140 households . The population ranking for London is #15 nationally and #6 for the province of Ontario with a density of 913.10 people per sq km. London therapists serve postal code: N6C.