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Anger Therapist

Nancy VanderSchaaf, MEd., Ph.D., CCC

Canadian Certified Counsellor

Lambeth, London, Ontario

While anger management programs are helpful, most never get to the root of the individual's personal issues or triggers. I work with both men and women to realize learned behaviour and personal belief systems that continue to cause problems. I will work with you on your own individual triggers that lead to anger and help you learn how to better identify and change the thoughts and feelings that are leading to the angry behaviour. I use mostly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Anger Therapist

Nancy Martin, B. A. (Honours), B.Ed, M.S.W, RSW

Registered Social Worker

Will be provided (South London ON), London, Ontario

Although not specializing in anger management, Nancy can assist you to access resources such as groups for anger management. Nancy offers a safe supportive environement where clients can talk about their anger, and explore and learn healthy and safe ways to find outlets for anger so that the anger is not expressed outward in non-appropriate or harmful ways, nor turned inward leading to depression and self-harm.

Anger Therapist

Gladys Funk, MSW, RSW, BEd

Registered Social Worker

119 Wortley Road, London, Ontario

Anger is a natural emotion for all humans, but we can find ourselves sometimes overwhelmed with more anger than we feel we can handle, where we realize that we are out of balance and cannot seem to control our behaviour. As a therapist, I can support you through this experience, with an approach of compassion and lack of judgment, to understanding the origin of the anger and replacing it with a healthy balance of emotional expression.

Anger Therapist

Barry Johnston-Spooner, M.Ed., Registered Psychotherapist

Registered Psychotherapist

40 Windsor Avenue in Wortley Village, London, Ontario

After four decades as a therapist, I find anger management is still not fully understood. Yes you need to manage your anger. But it’s early childhood experience which has hurt you - hardened you to avoid, dismiss or shove inside any anger: both the Constructive as well as Destructive types. That becomes a false shortcut - as feeling inside for which is which in the moment is a key to healthy assertion. Balance is what we need. In the model I use for working with anger, you can learn first to shift what tends to happen in a present unhappy situation. We’ll then help you distinguish how your past started that pattern. You’ll be able to balance yourself, both in anger and conflict resolution.

Anger Therapist

Jennifer Kausky, M.S.W., R.S.W.

Psychotherapist for Women and Couples

1255 Commissioners Road West, Suite 235, London, Ontario

Many women feel that they are alone in their feelings of anger, or have been socialized to keep anger inside. My counselling practice offers a safe space where these feelings can be explored and understood from a specifically female perspective. I utilize a program, uniquely taylored for women. Most importantly I will to work with you in partnership towards your own personal healing. Please visit my website at

Anger Therapist

Emily Beeckmans, B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W., RSW

Emily Beeckmans

141 Wortley Road Unit #2, London, Ontario

We all experience anger, it is a normal feeling that helps us move forward and beyond unhealthy situations. However when anger becomes our first response and results in violence or the loss of family and friends, you need to rebalance your feelings. I will help you understand your own anger and develop tools to manage your triggers and reactions. Learning to talk through your feelings before you explode can be healing and helpful in your relationships. Learning to control your outbursts will bring you closer to family and friends as well as improve your career.

Anger Therapist

Lynda Martens, MSc. RP, RMFT

Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Marriage and family Therapist

Devonshire Ave, London, Ontario

I have worked in a group setting with men who have power and control issues. I believe in safety in families, and compassion for all. The work starts with taking responsibility for our actions and the effects they have on others. I believe people are capable of change and therapy can be an invitation to growth in responsibility, empathy and behaviour change. I would address the emotional root of the problem and help you understand why anger leads to aggression.

Anger Therapist

Jack Ferrari, Ph.D., C. Psych.


230 Victoria St., #201, London, Ontario

I tend to be fairly cognitive-behavioural, trying to find as much of a description as I can of the environmental cues and consequences of the anger, as well as the internal determinants, i.e. the thoughts and rationalizations that accompany, precede, or follow from the episodes of anger. I then intervene, in collaboration with the client, accordingly. I will sometimes use hypnotic, relaxation, and imagery techniques to enhance reflection on the anger images, and to enhance counterconditioning of the anger response.

Anger Therapist

Dr. Robert Unger, PhD., C.Psych. and RMFT

Registered Psychologist\Registered Marriage&Family Therapist

201-186 Albert Street, London, Ontario

Anger is a normal emotion when things go very, very wrong. When anger becomes a problem-of-life for someone, it usually would be beneficial to seek professional assistance. .My approach derives from the concept that inappropriate anger stems from an inability to express it in a normal,, healthy and mature manner. Individual psychotherapy can assist someone to develop a more mature understanding of their behaviour and exhibit a more mature response to unexpected life events.

Anger Therapist

Patricia Berendsen, RMFT, RSW, RP, SEP

Psychotherapist, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist

2-521 Nottinghill Rd. 2nd Floor, London, Ontario

Anger is an essential emotion. It lets us know what is important. Sometimes, the intensity of anger can be upsetting. Anger management is more about anger awareness. Learning how to manage intense feelings is helpful in both family and work environments. By becoming aware of seemingly insignificant triggers, you can avoid an very significant outburst. Counselling can help you transform anger as the enemy to anger as your ally.

Anger Therapist

Bruce Taylor, B.A., B.Ed., M.A., M.Div.

Individual Couple Family Counsellor, Sex Addiction Counsellor

1550 Gordon St., Unit 19, Guelph, Ontario

Anger is like an iceberg. It is only the tip. The other nine-tenths remains hidden and unknown. We need to connect with the nine-tenths, or the primary feelings such as hurt, pain, guilt, shame and fear. I will work with you to unearth your primary feelings and to devise alternative ways to manage your feelings. A good book for you to read is Hold Me Tight by Susan Johnson, especially the chapter "Recognizing the Demon Dialogues."

Anger Therapist

Susan Abercromby, Registered Psychotherapist (RP)

Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Canadian Counsellor

256 Central Avenue (Across from Victoria Park) * not accessible , London, Ontario

I believe that anger is an important emotion, one that is often complicated and misunderstood. I believe the title should be anger processing, not management. Anger is as essential as emotion as sadness and fear and is often connected to those emotions. I would like to investigate and encourage the client to be curious about their anger and to explore it further.

Anger Therapist

Adela Gorodzinsky, M.Ed., CTP, CBT, CCC, TIRF, COSF

Certified Canadian Counsellor

404 Whisker Court, London, Ontario

What do you do when things just do NOT seem fair? Do you go inwards, blaming yourself, or "keep your feelings in" because you do not know what to do, or are scared of saying or doing something? Does your head hurt, do you clench your jaw, or do you feel 'depressed'? Have you found yourself reacting in anger, yelling, screaming, throwing things around, punching walls and even hurting other people, specially your loved ones and then regretting it? Are any of the above behaviours getting you into trouble? Adela can facilitate your anger management. Learn to express how you feel in a constructive, compassionate, non-violent way. Reconstruct your relationships and be trusted again!

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