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Grief Counselor

Anna Lucchesi, M.Ed, LPC-S

Couples & Individual Counseling, Mentoring, Training

4100 Fairway Drive, Suite 200, Carrollton, Texas

Grief is experienced differently by different people. Do you feel that you've been grieving too long or it's impacting your life to the point where it's difficult to function? It's time to get some help with your grief to honor those you've lost and also move on with your life. Stages of grief are important and how well you cope with your loss will impact you in many ways. My therapy is tailored to your unique situation whether it's loss of a loved one or loss of career, family, pets or disabililty issues.

Grief Counselor

Dean Sims, MAR, LCDC

Addiction Recovery Counselor

Available for Online Therapy

All Core Recovery Issues are associated with Grief, Loss, Sadness, or Disappointment. This is at the heart of our addiction recovery process. I will teach you how to access your grief, loss, sadness, or disappointment, notice where you feel it in our body and release it. I have specific techniques that will teach you to 'dissolve' emotions you may have been carrying around since conception. These emotions, when unprocessed get stuck in the physical body and are potential triggers that can lead to substance use.

Grief Counselor

Casey Cobb, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

5750 Genesis Court Suite, Ste. 100, Frisco, Texas

I offer a safe place for clients to tell the story about the loss in their life. I specialize in assisting people work through the loss of a loved one to drugs or alcohol. The ones left behind struggle with finding some kind of meaning or purpose in what seems to be such a senseless loss. I can help others come to a place of acceptance even if the addict/ alcoholic is still alive. This can sometimes be very painful, because there seems to be no closure. In addition, I am able to help with other forms of loss as well.

Grief Counselor

Daniel Gowan, M.Div., M.A., LCDC, LPC-S

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor

4975 Preston Park Blvd., Suite 790, Plano, Texas

My experience working at Children's Hospital of Dallas and Methodist Hospital has helped me to understand that the stages of grief are not linear, but circular. You can be very sad one day and angry the next. Sometimes, all of the stages in the same day. Learn to work through each of these stages as they occur (and reoccur) to move to a place of greater peace. Many look for relief from the feelings- learn healthier ways to engage the process without relying on unhealthy fixes or coping mechanisms.

Grief Counselor

Philip Kolba, MA


Available for Online Therapy

Grief and loss is, unfortunately, a normal part of living. There is no single "correct" way to grieve: different cultures and even individuals from the same culture grieve differently. The only consistent feature is that grief takes time. The most effective thing anyone can do for someone grieving is to be thereā€”to listen, to empathize, to walk along with the grief. There is no "fixing" grief. But counseling can help prevent normal grief from developing into major depression or other mental health conditions.

Grief Counselor

Paul Myers, MA. LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

9741 Preston Road, Frisco, Texas

I know exactly how it feels to lose a love one, an important job, or even a dream. Loss is one of the most painful human experiences out there but you don't have to hurt forever. Sharing your pain in a safe setting with someone who genuinely care about you is very healing. Over time you can overcome the pain in your life. The trick to share your story with others who care.

Grief Counselor

Jeanne Curtis, Psy. D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

5850 Town and Country Blvd Suite 1001, Frisco, Texas

Loss is a part of life, and can be difficult to deal with alone. Grief is a natural response to loss. It takes time and a focus on taking good care of yourself. Therapy is a way to help you face it straight on, the healthiest and most productive way through it, as going around it may just lead to more grief and pain. I can help you come to terms with the loss, it's effect on your life and relationships, and to find a path back to a new normal.

Grief Counselor

Renee Fromm, MA, LPC-S

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor

3550 Parkwood Blvd, Frisco, Texas

Loss is devastating to a family, and many times children are thought to be resilient and immune to the suffering that grief brings. This is just not true. Children need to process and resolve loss issues, just as much as adults. Loss for a child not only refers to death, but children process all types of loss (loss from a divorce, a move, etc). I can help your child understand, cope, and move past these loss issues to brighter tomorrows.

Grief Counselor

David Ashburner, MA, LPC, CSAT, CHFP

Men and Couples Counselor

5801 W Plano Pkwy, Plano, Texas

Men, sometimes we just feel we need to be the strong one - the one others lean on. But, there comes a time when we need to grieve experience and express the loss we have had. Easy? No. Necessary? Yes. And, we often do not have a role model on how to do this: that is where I come in. I can be your guide on how to process the loss and learn to live going forward. Give me a call and we can talk about how I can help.

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Thank you for visiting our Texas search of licensed grief specialists in Frisco.  Moving through grief after loss is difficult. Therapy helps through listening, by having someone there with you who understands the stages and process of grieving. You can find help for grief in Frisco right now, please contact a provider above, you can email 24/7.

Frisco is a city that is located in multiple counties- Collin County and Denton County in Texas. It has a land area of 67.67 square miles and a water area of 0.55 square miles.  The population of Frisco is 154,407 people with 45,452 households and a median annual income of $114,098. .

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