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  • Registered Transactional Analysis Practitioner
  • 6158 Leibly Avenue, Burnaby, BC , Burnaby, British Columbia, V5E 3C8
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      I am a therapeutic counselor with a background in Integrative Transactional Analysis. TA is a comprehensive theory of personality and relationships based on the study of specific ego-states, and a system of individual and/or group therapy providing specific tools and models for personal growth and change. Integrative means that I rely on other approaches using insights and elements from relational, cognitive-behavioural, Rogerian and Gestalt modalities in particular.

      The benefits of this approach is that I use different techniques, tailored to the client's unique personality. Some clients like a directive approach, they want to be guided, to be given an almost 'engineering' model explaining our inner life; some prefer a non-directive, client-centered approach, where they would explore their inner landscape with the therapist as a co-traveler. All clients have relational needs which need to be addressed to, and the therapeutic relationship provides safety, validation, 'repaired' parenting, mutuality, client's self-definition, empowerment.

      In the course of my professional practice, I have worked mostly with addictions, co-occurring disorders, eating disorders, anxiety, attachment and relationship issues. I have seen clients leave their (usually toxic) family of origin, change an unsatisfying job and end up their unsuccessful relationship. I was amazed by the impact of therapy in people's lives. Therapy/counseling can shorten the time of suffering and enhance the quality of life. Finally, the most beautiful aspect of therapy is the process of co-creation, which can sometimes become almost a spiritual experience.
   Besides individual therapy I also work with couples exploring their interlocking script systems, i.e. how two persons can reinjure each other through defensive behavious from their own family scenarios. 

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