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My Approach
"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.” CG Jung
I believe we are all unique and holistic persons living life's journey in search of growth, connection, and wholeness. I work to create a safe and supportive environment with you. As we build trust, we create a therapeutic partnership that helps reveal who you are, what you seek, and what problems and challenges you seek to negotiate. Together we create goals and strategies unique to you, which work toward desired and meaningful paths of change.
Trust and relationship are vital to therapy and the process of change. Though approaches, techniques, and experience can all play a part in therapy, research has repeatedly shown across all lines, that a powerful aid to change in therapy is the relationship between the client and therapist –
“That distinct connection that builds between motivated client and authentic therapist creates a safe and present place for listening, empathy, and understanding”.
My Methods
“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." CG Jung
My expertise is in helping people deal, heal, and grow. In counseling with me, you can expect to work on your concerns in depth, develop creative solutions, learn new ways to approach and manage your challenges, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and find a new sense of peace, wisdom, and inner-strength.
Numerous theories of therapy exist, all with attributable qualities that promote therapeutic healing. I resist the draw of "isms", "one right way", or “special techniques that heal”. I do utilize both Jungian Theory and Family Systems, two diverse yet complementary theories that hold generous volumes of research validating their effectiveness. The integration of these two theories acknowledges both the unique and holistic nature of the self, as well as the self in relationship with humanity and our multi-generational family experience.
These theories lend a perspective in helping us critically examine the self, and the self in relationship with others. By remaining present and attentive, and exploring the multi-dimensional possibilities of your life - it is possible, with enthusiasm, power and hope, to conduct work that allows you to re-author your life in pursuit of the eternal mission and vision awaiting you.
“Doing Life” is the best Therapy
"If you want to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea." Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Most all of us find ourselves at some point in our lives in a place of change, choice, or confusion with need for competent counsel to assist us in navigating these challenges.
"Doing life" is our best teacher. Being “stuck” prevents us from living the life we long for and deserve for ourselves and loved ones. Safety, empathy, understanding and training, when joined with life experiences that lend perspective can assist you in the perspective and growth you seek in navigating yourself through the tangled path you face.
Beyond the most current clinical training as a Licensed Professional Counselor for the State of Oregon - I possess more than 35 years of life experience with its gifts and burdens as a son, husband, father, friend, senior-level executive, CEO, entrepreneur, helper and community advocate.
Consider a 30 minute complimentary consultation in person or by phone to see if my approach is right for you. Please call or email me to schedule a convenient time:
Barry W. Mc Vay, M.A. - LPC
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