Brian Murray, LMHC, NCC

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Brian specializes in personality disorders, such as Narcissism and Codependency, and the complex relationship issues that arise from these conditions including anxiety, depression and lack of boundaries. He is committed to providing professional and compassionate counseling to help you through many of life's issues. Brian believes that empathic listening along with careful reflection and understanding to provide solutions are paramount to the client's healing experience.
Everyone has a story about their lives that reveal the hurt, healing, disappointments and successes that we all experience at one time or another. Your story will reveal how your experiences have influenced your beliefs, ability to resolve and how you have become stuck and need the help of a professional to continue. 
Brian Murray can help you with:
  • Codependency & Shame Issues
  • Substance Abuse & Addictions 
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Personality Disorders (Narcissism, Borderline)
  • Military Veterans
  • Abuse recovery from Sexual, Emotional, Physical Abuse including childhood abuse

Counseling benefits of working with Brian:
  • Improved relationships
  • Learn to set limits and boundaries with toxic behaviors
  • Improved sense of self leading to independence and freedom
  •  Relief of feeling anxious
  • Improved mood from feeling the blues or depression
  • Recovery from addiction
  • Relief from trauma images and associated anxiousness 
  • Identify with Veterans as Brian is also a Veteran and can relate to this population
  • Issues with long standing personality disorders become resolved
  • Abuse history resolved through careful reflection and validation processes

Therapies Brian uses to help:
  • Psychotherapy (talk-therapy) (counseling): The use of warm, compassionate listening to gain understanding of a client in a non-judgmental and supportive environment.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Helping clients make sense of what they are feeling and how thinking patterns influence these feelings. Very effective with anxiety and depression. 
  • Marriage & Couples Counseling: Exploration of relational dynamics to help improve communication and resolve interpersonal issues in the relationship. 
  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy:This is a rapid eye movement technique developed and used for a multitude of psychological conditions. Very effective with trauma and PTSD and is currently being used by the VA and U.S. Army to treat those with psychological wounds. Also effective for clients who have experienced trauma in everyday life such as car accidents, 

Education, License and Certifications 

  • Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University 
  • National Board Certified Counselor
  • Certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy for Trauma

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Orlando FL