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Years ago I sought counselling for my 20 year marriage. I was certain that my partner was doing everything wrong and that I was mostly an innocent bystander. My counsellor helped me see how my beliefs and my patterns were governing how I saw him and in fact everyone and everything in my world. These beliefs came from past relationships and experiences but they were just beliefs and they could be changed. I found that as I looked at my beliefs and transformed them with my counsellor I was able to radically change how I saw my husband. Instead of criticizing him, I could see how afraid he was and how his fear made him say and react in ways that were inadvertently pushing me away. I could see how I did that as well. I felt compassion and love for him and for myself.

With my new found clarity, I was able to be a better spouse, parent and person in my life. This is what I aspire to do for my clients. People come to see me with a variety of issues. They may be struggling in their relationships, or they may feel stuck at work, or they may have just have lost someone pivotal in their lives. Every situation can be seen in a different way if a person is willing. So all that I need from someone is an open mind. A mind willing to question the interpretations and perceptions that guide their lives. Once we do that, then they may find, as I did, that everything changes and that life looks so much better. Each of us deserves to be happy and content and I enjoy helping clients find their own path to peace and harmony.


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