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 My name is Dr. Nathan Cobb. I am a Registered Psychologist and Director of Cobb & Associates Inc., a thriving group psychology practice in the southwest community of Haysboro in Calgary. In addition to myself, I am joined by four other colleagues, Registered Psychologists Russ Millington and Erla Christens, and two Registered Provisional Psychologists Kassandra Heap and Shezlina Haji.  
 Our psychologists, as a group, specialize in couples therapy where we help couples overcome communication

challenges, repair trust after infidelity, develop greater emotional intimacy and work through conflicts over differences related to personality, finances, parenting, family relations, and assist couples navigating through separation and divorce issues.  We also provide Pre-marital Counselling to help couples gain greater awareness of their strengths and potential challenges that may impact their relationship. This provides a foundation for couples to prepare and plan for helpful ways to deal with issues that arise and develop a strong marriage together.   We employ the latest methods and advances in couples treatment including emotionally-focused therapy, Gottman Method therapy, developmental couples therapy and neuropsychobiological approaches.

We also provide particular assistance with recovery from addictions including alcohol and other mood altering substances, pornography and compulsive sexual behaviours. As well, we provide assistance with anxiety, depression stress management, anger management and grief counselling. We have been providing support to individuals, couples and families since 2005 and continue to take new clients at present.

Established in 2013. Cobb & Associates was established in 2013 as a group practice specializing in the delivery of couples therapy and treatment. Prior to 2013, the principal owner and director of Cobb & Associates, Dr. Nathan Cobb, owned and operated a solo private practice for seven years, starting in 2006, specializing in couples therapy. Dr. Cobb has spent the majority of his 20+ year career learning and developing ways to assist couples to reach their goals, and to train and assist other therapists in these same skills. Cobb & Associates now employs four additional associates who each bring valuable skills and expertise to the process of helping our clients build strong and connected relationships.
Why Choose Us?
We understand that at the heart of good therapy is a working, collaborative relationship between therapist and client. We appreciate the importance of integrating theory, research and practice into the delivery of service. Our team is dedicated to a personalized and attentive approach that helps clients remain engaged in the therapeutic process until their desired outcomes are reached.

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