Sarah Levine, JD, M.Ed., RCC

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  • Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • Kitsilano, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6K 2H1
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      Kingsway St
      Vancouver, , V5N 2T7
  • Phone: 604 620 2030
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  • Session Fees: Initial 30-minute consult- free; $150 per counselling hour; $215 per 90 minute counselling session.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone

Welcome.  I have a reputation for being kind, respectful and perceptive.  I help people develop psychological resourcefulness and flexibility.  I am highly committed to psychological therapy and change even in the face of difficult and “stuck” problems. While most therapy is about present problems rather than about the past, events in the past may still be experienced in the present and may be considered in therapy.
 ·Relationship problems, including making changes in current relationships, and finding and establishing healthy relationships; overcoming relationship and social anxiety
·Depression, persistent low mood, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, fears, difficulty with daily stress at home, work or school, patterns of worrying that can be difficult to disrupt; substance use that is interfering with your health or your personal goals
·Loss experiences such as grief, divorce, career disruption, loss of health expectations, coping with painful personal experiences (past or present), including trauma

·Making or adjusting to transitions such as relocation, new relationships, needed career changes 
 ·Improving communication in your relationships, school, work, with your family;
·Overcoming depression and anxiety; gaining strategies to manage associated problems such as sleep or concentration
·More self confidence and empowerment to make better decisions 

·Self-understanding of past events that may have motivated present decisions; increasing your options going forward by having a clearer understanding of what you really want and need 
 ·Counselling:  to help you with a current crisis in a safe, supportive environment
·Cognitive behavioural therapy to help you deal with current situations and free yourself from unhelpful patterns by setting and working towards goals.
·Couples/Family therapy:  one-on-one or as a couple or family to help you communicate better, establish better patterns of relating; allow each member of the relationship to be seen and understood and articulate their needs more clearly

·Psychotherapy: to help with depression and anxiety, we talk about how the past influences what happens in the present and the choices you make. This helps with long-term and recurring problems.
 ·$125 per 50 minute session (couples, families, individuals)

·Receipt provided; most extended health plans in British Columbia cover services of RCC
·Vancouver (office complies with WorkSafe COVID19 requirements)·604 620 2030

·Virtual or in-person sessions available
 ·Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from University of British Columbia
·J.D., University of British Columbia

·Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours), McGill University
 ·Registered Clinical Counsellor
·Accredited Family Law Mediator

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