Depression Counselling in Kitsilano, BC.

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Depression Counsellor

Alexia Brown, M.Ed, R.C.C

Registered Clinical Counsellor

West 16th Ave and MacDonald, Vancouver, British Columbia

As human beings, we mostly ignore the flashing red engine light warning us that a tune up is in order. We put our heads down and keep going and before we know it we're just not functioning right. My role in helping you through depression is reconnecting you with your needs: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, relational, and occupational, so that you become your best champion in meeting your needs and feeling more connected to yourself and others.

Depression Counselor

Alain Langlais, MH, RTC, CHHt


Available for Online Therapy

Depression can be experienced in a magnitude of ways and is often experienced differently by each individual. Symptoms may range from feeling increasingly irritable, experiencing a sense of emptiness and hopelessness, and an individual often will feel completely overwhelmed, losing interest in activities they once enjoyed. Depression may also be experienced physically. Physical symptoms may include, but are not limited to a lack of energy, problems sleeping, pronounced weight changes, and eventually, even serious illness. In cases of mild to moderate depression, there is an increasing amount of research supporting counselling as effective as medication in improving a person’s mood. Many clients have been referred to counselling by their family doctor when...(view profile to read more)

Depression Counsellor

Julia Somody, M.A., R. Psych (#2325)

Registered Psychologist

410-943 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia

I believe that we all have the inner resources needed to change in our lives - it is sometimes difficult to work through some of the mess of life alone. In my work, I provide support and a safe, comfortable space to move through the noise that gets in the way of our dreams and goals. At times, we might get hindered by our past, so I will often explore your personal history both as a way to get to know you better and help sort out if something from your past is keeping you stuck. I am also a firm believer in strength in numbers and see therapy as a place where we can journey down your path together, both joint explorers of your life goals and dreams. 

Depression Counsellor

Emma Smith, MACP, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

202-1128 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia

Depression can impact a person’s thoughts, feelings, actions, and physical health. Different types of depression have different causes. Some causes of depression are a family history of depression, chemical imbalances, difficult life events and more. If you don’t like doing things you used to, are overwhelmed, your appetite has changed, and concentrating is hard, this may be depression. Many types of depression respond well to counselling. If you see me for counselling for depression, together we can: • Look at how depression impacts you • Explore tools for minimizing the impact of depression on your life • Develop tools for navigating stressful situations • Increase your understanding of depression and mental health • Increase your confidence...(view profile to read more)

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