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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
  • 901 Dove Street Suite 295, Newport Beach, California, 92660
  • Phone: 949 922 7800
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If you sometimes feel like there is a hole inside you that you are trying to fill; or worry about getting it right; or long for someone to be there for you; or focus on what you should do or have to do, then connecting with me may be your answer so that you can just stop trying harder.

You may feel sometimes that if you just do what you should and get it right, then you will be happy.  If you work harder, someone will finally get it right for you or maybe you will feel that you matter. I bet that sometimes you think "if I were just smart enough, successful enough, thin enough, wealthy enough, brave enough, attractive enough, or loved enough, then I would be OK and I would not have this hole inside."  It may be that despite all your best efforts, you are not happy.  You may not even know what it is that you want.

You are not alone in feeling this way. Frustration, anxiety, fear and depression come from the fact that the answers frequently do not come in the way that we are told or taught that they do.

All of us have times when it feels as if we cannot cope.  When we feel hopeless or powerless, we may want to run away, just give up, distract ourselves or blame others.  We may feel depressed, anxious, helpless, sad and/or angry.

At this point, finding solutions starts with just being willing to believe that there is another way.

What I know is that if you want to create something different for yourself, it can be helpful to get some input and a different perspective from a counselor.  I do not have an agenda for you in counseling; my therapeutic insight, skills, and strategies work for your growth. The truth is that you do not have to do it all in order to be happy.  Whether it is in your personal relationships or in your career, I know that you can get more of what you want at any point in your life - it is not too late!

If your life is just not working for you, I offer hope and help when you are tired of trying harder.  I have the support and tools that enable you to know that you are enough.  You can live in a way that feels wonderful to you.  All that is required is that you be willing to consider that there is another way to be. You do not have to find your way alone.

Do not wait another day!  I would love to hear from you and help you. Call me at (949) 922 7800.

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For those of you who want to know: I am licensed in California as a Marriage and Family Therapist (license # MFT 38154) and have had a private practice in Newport Beach for approximately 10 years.  I earned degrees from UCLA, Pepperdine, and Stanford University.

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