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  • Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • #205 9807 101st Ave , Fort St John, British Columbia, V1J 2B2
  • Phone: 250-793-3539
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As humans, relationships are essential to us; and yet for so many of us, we often feel we struggle with understanding ourselves, little own understanding why we relate to others the way we do. I work from both an attachment and a whole brain perspective: when we begin to understand our own thoughts and feelings and how they relate to our view of the world, we can begin to experience increased freedom in our choices. Sometimes this may involve understanding how to work with our thoughts to deal with a fear or worry,and sometimes this may involve going back to an earlier memory and figuring out what it has taught us about the world and if we truly agree with it at this stage in our life.

In regards to education, I have a Masters of Arts from Yorkville University and have just complete a year post graduate certificate from the Justice Institute of BC in treating Complex Trauma and Child Sexual Abuse. I have had training in various models of therapy such as narrative therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectic behavioral therapy, somatics, whole brain approaches, attachment including attachment based parenting, internal family systems, solution focused therapy, art and play therapy, and emotional focused therapy.

My interest in helping people reach their potential and feel heard and seen began during my high school years when I volunteered in working with elderly people. I received an award from the optimist club of Calgary for being one of the top 23 Calgarians that year contributing to a better world for others, and a very strong encouragement to pursue this as a life goal. Since then I have had many valuable experiences that have increased both my desire to help and support others including teaching and counselling within schools, working with terminally ill children in hospital settings, working with sexually abused children through the Sexual Abuse Intervention Program, family work including facilitating many different parenting counselling groups, working with individuals with addiction issues, and private counselling both for individuals, couples and families. Throughout all of this, I have learned that understanding both yourself on various levels (psychological, spiritual, emotional, physical) and how you function within the various roles of your life (mother, father, child, grandparent, employee, leader, etc.) are essential in helping you effectively change your life to increase your sense of meaning, fulfillment and joy.

I believe that as humans, we have an inherent beauty that, if seen and supported, can allow us to reach much more than we often initially believe possible. I see the counselling relationship as a place to free up and speed up the personal growth potential that you already have within you, by assisting you in understanding and accepting yourself and reworking those things that are holding you back. I enjoy watching people find the wisdom within themselves to heal. I often view myself simply as a tool to give you information or to reflect back to you your own thoughts in a way that allows you quicker access to your own growth potential.

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