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Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey

Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey, Inc (CSPNJ) is a statewide not-for profit peer-led behavioral healthcare agency that was incorporated in 1984. The agency is dedicated to providing community services for persons who experience mental illnesses and/or substance use disorders, in addition to co-occurring physical health challenges and significant life stressors. Many of the people we serve are living in poverty and have encountered significant life trauma. Most live with co-occurring long-term medical conditions that impact the quality of their life and lifespan. We believe that the foundation for recovery is access to a safe, affordable place to live and community-based supports that enhance overall wellness. CSPNJ is a licensed Supportive Housing provider and is authorized for Medicaid billing for Community Support Services. CSPNJ also has 3 peer-run Respite Houses. Respite is a safe alternative to an inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. As a peer-run initiative, Respite staff provide 24/7 peer to peer support in working through a behavioral health crisis. The Respite House provides a comfortable setting in which guests can establish positive coping skills and become empowered to establish healthy habits and routines. Our Wellness Respite service is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by people who are trained and experienced in supporting others to transform a crisis into an opportunity for enhancing personal wellness. We aim to both inspire hope and assist guests in developing crisis self-management skills so that our guests can better manage the current and any future crisis situations. We focus on self-care in the areas of sleep and rest, relaxation, nutrition, physical activity, and management of co-occurring medical or substance use challenges. To access wellness respite services in Passaic County, call: (862) 239-9896 To access wellness respite services in Middlesex County, call: (732) 354-4403 To access wellness respite services in Essex County, call: (862) 229-1401  (Read More...)

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