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Child Counselor

Harvey Brink, Registered Psychologist (AB)

Counselling Psychologist

338 4915 -54 St., Red Deer, AB T4N 2G7

I worked as a psychologist for in public schools with students from grades one to six for several years before I transitioned to seeing only adult clients for many years. Now, as a grandfather, I am allocating a portion of my practice time to children, and their parents. Time is initially spent with the child and their parent(s) discussing the discrepancies between expected and actual child's behaviors and goal setting. Techniques I often combine with therapy include toys, craft materials, art, drama, re-enactment of a family scene/memory.

Child Counselor

Tara Simpson, M.Ed.

Registered Psychologist

#302 - 3939 50A Avenue, Red Deer, AB T4N 4E6

In my therapeutic work with children, I focus on connecting with, and at times uncovering, the strength inherent in each child. Using an approach that is founded in attachment, mindfulness, and play, I guide children towards positive thinking and clarity of mind, which allows children to experience in themselves the ability to be resilient, strong, curious, and optimistic. I work collaboratively with the caregivers and parents of each child to ensure maximum success.

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