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Experienced counsellors in Crossfield, AB for anorexia, bulimia, food aversion, orthorexia nervosa and other food issues.

Eating Disorder Counsellor

Monica Wong, MSW, RSW

Therapist/Counselor (MSW), Hypnotherapist & HypnoBirthing/HypnoMothering practitioner

Within driving distance of Crossfield

Eating disorders have a way of controlling ones life. It can be overwhelming and detrimental. In spite of all this, why do we continue with unhelpful and harmful behaviours? I approach maladaptive behaviours as learning tools. What is that behaviour doing for you? How can another helpful behaviour be put in it's place so that need is being addressed? My counselling is tailored specifically to what you need, in order to help you get to a healthier and happier place. For those who are interested, I offer hypnotherapy because of the many benefits and positive changes it can help bring. What's the first step to change? Making a appointment. Call or e-mail today for a free consultation.

Eating Disorder Counsellor

Murray Molohon, M.A. Registered Psychologist

Registered Psychologist: Counselling Services of Calgary

Within driving distance of Crossfield

Eating disorders can cause major life difficulties. Learning strategies to reduce unwanted eating problems can be very helpful. Strategies can address healthy eating alternatives and the option of not having to reduce quantity in eating and meal changes Learning how to discover and deal with underlying root causes for eating disorders can allow people to find and have long term and permanent changes to persistent struggles.

Eating Disorder Counsellor

Kevin Alderson, Ph.D.

Registered Psychologist

Within driving distance of Crossfield

[NOTE: MY OFFICE IS IN CALGARY -- I DO VIDEO SESSIONS ELSEWHERE IN ALBERTA]. I work with clients who are addicted to food and/or who are wanting to lose weight. I do not work with people with anorexia or bulimia because I am in private practice and I am neither a physician nor do I work in a medical facility. I am, however, a psychologist with 31 years of experience who specializes in addictions. If you would like to see me, book now by visiting

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Are you ready to start on a new path? Thank you for visiting our Alberta search of licensed therapists in Crossfield who specialize and have experience treating food issues such as anorexia, over eating, food aversions, orthorexia nervosa and bulimia.  Food issues affect anyone, both children and adults and can impede our relationships and daily life. Counselling for help with food and eating is a vital component of healthy recovery and restoration. Find the right counselor for eating and food issues in Crossfield right now and begin your new life.

Crossfield is located in Alberta, Canada. It has a land area of 11.96 square kilometers.  The population of Crossfield is 2,983 people with 1,101 households . The population ranking for Crossfield is #1024 nationally and #123 for the province of Alberta with a density of 249.30 people per sq km. Crossfield therapists serve postal code: T0M.