Career Counselling and Coaching in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Find a top rated career therapist or coach in Nanaimo, BC specializing in assessment, strategizing, personal marketing, workplace issues and goal-setting.

Career Counsellor

Mark Giesbrecht, MA, CCC, RCC

Registered Clinical Counselor / Canadian Certified Counselor

Unit 12B - 1601 Bowen Road, Nanaimo, British Columbia

The world of work is always changing shape, creating more challenges & choices than anyone can keep up with. I don't assume I have all the answers, but I will believe in you & your potential for success and a satisfying career. My goal is to help you clarify and deepen your trust in your instincts, intelligence, and self-understanding. As you set career goals, I'll help you figure out how to make the changes you need.

Career Counselor

Alain Langlais, MH, RTC, CHHt


Online Therapist / Coach

Maybe as a child you dreamed about having a great life of abundance and achieve greatness. At that age, you were a winner and you would stand up and defend your dreams against any challenges. Unfortunately, lots of people may lose some of that winning spirit growing up and the champion in you may have slowly dimed. Maybe you do set goals and you do have an idea of what your purpose and direction in life is. This simply is not enough for you to experience the abundance in life that you deserve. You haveĀ all the potential to radically make a difference! It is already deep inside of you and waiting to be used. Together, we will work toward using that amazing potential.

Career Counsellor

Tricia Toth, BSW, MSW, RSW, RCC

Professional Masters Level Registed Social Worker and Registered Clinical Counselor

Nanaimo, BC, British Columbia

Determining what you want to do with your life, getting back into the work force, and changing careers can be difficult. I can assist in setting short term and long term goals, as well as creating an action plan to get you on track to working towards achieving the career you desire. We can determine what your obstacles are, where your fears and conquer them together. We are often our own barriers to getting what we want. Let's determine what is holding you back. I will provide you with support and encouragement in a supportive, non-judgemental environment.

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Nanaimo is located in British Columbia, Canada. It has a land area of 90.76 square kilometers.  The population of Nanaimo is 90,504 people with 39,165 households . The population ranking for Nanaimo is #62 nationally and #11 for the province of British Columbia with a density of 997.20 people per sq km. Nanaimo therapists serve postal code: V9R.