Stress, PTSD and Anxiety Therapists in Nanaimo, BC.

Licensed professional counselling for anxiety, stress, phobias, and panic in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Anxiety Counsellor

Marie-Jose Dhaese, PhD, RCC, ATR, RPT-S, CPT-S

Registered Clinical Counselor, Child Psychotherapist

846 San Malo Crescent, Parksville, British Columbia

It is my view that each client comes to my door with a unique combination of gifts, strengths and challenges. My primary focus is to help you remember and connect with your innate wisdom and your innate strength and resiliency. Then find your unique way of entering in conversation with it so you may connect with what you intrinsically know, with the aim of connecting with, strengthening and activating your emotional immune system, that can then activate the healing of the wounds you may have suffered. Taking into account your most pressing needs and concerns, we will design and create together the kind of therapy that works best for you at The Centre For Expressive Therapy.

Anxiety Counsellor

Mila Skeeles, MACP, CCC

Certified Canadian Counsellor

#202, 503 Comox Road, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Stress and anxiety are on the rise in our fast-paced world, which creates pressures that sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Sometimes fear of anxiety itself creates more anxiety and perpetuates in a cycle that is difficult to break. In counselling we will look at ways to reduce stress, practice coping skills for calming anxiety and increasing focus, and learn ways to break the vicious cycle.

Anxiety Counsellor

Lurline Raposo, MA, RCC, RPT

Registered Clinical Counsellor. Registered Play Therapist, Child Psychotherapist

305, 477 Wallace Street, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Often people will tell others to stop worrying and lower your stress because of the serious health problems it can cause, but despite our best attempts to do this most often people are simply unsuccessful -- the more we try to "control" these problem areas, the worse the worry cycle usually gets. Mindfulness can help us break this cycle by learning to accept our feelings and stop getting hooked into the stress, anxiety and worry. What if these attempts to "control" the anxiety is actually the problem that keeps us stuck in it and leads us away from the meaningful life we desire?

Anxiety Counsellor

Mark Giesbrecht, MA, CCC, RCC

Registered Clinical Counselor / Canadian Certified Counselor

Unit 12B - 1601 Bowen Road, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Anxiety as a result of stress is one of, if not the major contributing factor to poor health in most areas of people lives. If you have ever been tense before an exam or a visit to the dentist, you have a felt anxiety. Increased heart rate, sweating, rapid breathing, dry mouth, & a sense of dread are common. Changing this involves cognitive & behavioural approaches. Cognitive change is understanding how thoughts contribute to symptoms and how to change thought patterns to reduce the intensity of your anxiety. And behavioral changes involve using techniques to reduce or stop any undesired behaviors that are a result of the anxiety you have been experiencing.

Anxiety Counsellor

Virginia Reimer, MA RCC

Registered Clinical Counselor

3095 Meadow Drive, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Most people need support facing particular fears throughout their life. I see my job as coming along side of you and helping you gain the confidence to face that which is keeping you from moving forward with your life. We will do this through a combination of behavioral strategies, exploring the emotional material that is keeping you stuck and how past history is affecting your current situation.

Anxiety Counsellor

Paola Lake, Ph.D.

Registered Psychologist

203-335 Wesley St., 250-824-5006, British Columbia

Anxiety can be debilitating and rob you of your ability to enjoy your life and precious moments. If you find yourself absorbed by worry and fear, whether it be worry about finances, people, lifestyle, or even your performance in various settings, there are effective tools that can reduce anxiety and build confidence in your ability to manage stress and worry. I enjoy helping people who tend to be self-critical, or experience anxiety with respect to performance, social situations, or who are caught in situations stife with uncertainty. Tools I provide to help people can include self-hypnosis, relaxation training, Emotional Freedom Technique and other cognitive/experiential tools.

Anxiety Counselor

Janine Ray, MA, BA, ATR-BC, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Online Therapist / Coach

To assist you in dealing with anxiety and stress, I first listen to your concerns. Using ONLINE tools like video conferencing, email and text supports, I will support you in expressing your feelings, and will either talk or use art making tools, or employ both in this important first step. Next we will look at how you want to show up in the world. Often I employ art making in this phase of healing, because it is a wonderful tool for expression. Your experience and perspective is valid, and anxieties and stressors need to be stated and expressed verbally or artistically or both. Then, we work towards imaging how your life might look without the stress and anxiety in your life.

Anxiety Counselor

Alain Langlais, MH, RTC, CHHt


Online Therapist / Coach

Feelings of anxiety can become so intense that it becomes overwhelming. Often individuals struggling with anxiety express constant intruding thoughts that focus on fears of events of the future. Anxiety can create physical feelings of distress like a tight chest that makes it difficult to breath, an upset or tight feeling in the stomach, and general fatigue from constantly trying to control their thoughts and actions. Some people have battled anxiety for so long that they begin to believe it is just who they are and accept the restrictions it causes in their life. Through counselling we will work to break the cycle of anxiety controlling your inner world. Bringing a sense of relief, control and freedom that has been absent for so long.

Anxiety Counselor

Patti Langlais, MA, RPC, CCHt

Registered Professional Counsellor

Online Therapist / Coach

Our focus is to support individuals who are struggling with anxiety and stress to a more relaxed and manageable way of being. Not only is stress and anxiety hard on our health and energy, but it also can have a significant impact on our world around us. We will work in a collaborative manor to break apart the building blocks that have contributed to the imbalance of anxiety and stress in your life, and empower you with the tools and techniques to remain in balance.

Anxiety Counsellor

Russell Stagg, MC, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

477 Wallace St. #213, Nanaimo, British Columbia

If you think events in your life are causing you stress, you are wrong! It is actually your reaction to those events that is causing you distress. You may experience toxic automatic thoughts in in stressful situations, and we can challenge those thoughts. I can also help you with time management, teach you relaxation techniques, and instruct you in the practice of mindfulness.

Anxiety Counsellor

Tricia Toth, BSW, MSW, RSW, RCC

Professional Masters Level Registed Social Worker and Registered Clinical Counselor

Nanaimo, BC, British Columbia

Prolonged stress and anxiety can result in impairment to our mental and physical health. We may experience high blood pressure, significant weight loss or gain, inability to concentrate or sleep, panic attacks, agitation and irritability. Overtime, these ailments can not only decrease our life satisfaction, but reduced our overall health. Don’t ignore the symptoms. Get help. Counselling can help you learn ways to cope, identify the underlying causes of your stress and explore ways to reduce stress and anxiety in your life.

Anxiety Counsellor

John Taylor, MA, RCC, CCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Registered Psychotherapist

335 Wesley Street #203, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Anxiety and stress are something everyone faces at times. When worry becomes overwhelming, however, it can affect the quality of your life. I offer simple easy-to-follow strategies for dealing with anxiety in the moment, and I can help you explore its deeper roots--childhood experiences, trauma, relationship issues, career problems, unexplored life-meaning, and others. I have advanced certification with the Anxiety Disorder Association of BC (AnxietyBC, through the UBC Psychology Department) and years of experience helping people. Cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and psychotherapy are some of the tools I can use to help you feel in control of your worries.

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