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Depression Counsellor


Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling, Psychotherapy

602 Forsyth Ave, Parksville, British Columbia

Depression is deep, lasting sadness, unresolved issues, feelings of overwhelming helplessness over months, decreased activity, despair & isolation. Using a holistic, integrative "bio,psycho,social,spiritual" approach, we work to identify Feelings, release old patterns of self-defeating thoughts & beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, in order to practice meeting Needs in responsible ways, to build healthy thoughts & emotional balance, self-confidence, esteem & healing, functioning relationships. Clients Benefits are new insights & understanding of True-Self, clarity of thought, sound decision making, new hope & energy, freedom from depression, power to create a purposeful & passionate life.

Depression Counselor

Alain Langlais, MH, RTC, CHHt


Available for Online Therapy

Depression can be experienced in a magnitude of ways and is often experienced differently by each individual. Symptoms may range from feeling increasingly irritable, experiencing a sense of emptiness and hopelessness, and an individual often will feel completely overwhelmed, losing interest in activities they once enjoyed. Depression may also be experienced physically. Physical symptoms may include, but are not limited to a lack of energy, problems sleeping, pronounced weight changes, and eventually, even serious illness. In cases of mild to moderate depression, there is an increasing amount of research supporting counselling as effective as medication in improving a person’s mood. Many clients have been referred to counselling by their family doctor when...(view profile to read more)

Depression Counselor

Janine Ray, MA, BA, BCATR, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Available for Online Therapy

Depression can be devastating. A rich, full and meaningful life- this is what we want for you. What is going on? How are you thinking? How are you feeling? These are questions that we may start with in a psychotherapy session together. Our approach to psychotherapy is person centered: we determine together which approach or approaches may be best, such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). We also bring in some expressive arts activities to help explicate/integrate these processes. Using ONLINE tools like video conferencing, email and text supports, we will support you wherever you are on your journey.

Depression Counselor

Kathryn Dodds, RPC in Psychotherapy

Registered Professional Counsellor and Life Coach

Available for Online Therapy

What do you think 'depression' is? A symptom or a diagnosis? Many clients I meet have struggled to believe that change was possible. Depression can fade the colors in life and bring us into a state of hopelessness. Its tough to get motivated and believe again. Kathryn can empower you again to take your life back, ignite the flame that may seem to have been snuffed out. She will support you to set goals that YOU are comfortable with, and she will encourage you each week to measure your success based on YOUR progress.

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Parksville is located in British Columbia, Canada. It has a land area of 14.56 square kilometers.  The population of Parksville is 12,514 people with 6,082 households . The population ranking for Parksville is #336 nationally and #48 for the province of British Columbia with a density of 859.60 people per sq km. Parksville therapists serve postal code: V9P.