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Grief Counsellor

Kelly Copeland, CCC, RCT, CTRS

Registered Counselling Therapist, Canadian Certified Counselor, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

Lifemark Sport and Health Centre - Canada Games Centre - 26 Thomas Raddall Drive, Suite 182, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Experiencing grief and loss can be one of the most difficult tasks we have as human beings. Grief is complicated, complex and intense. Benefits you will experience: - A safe, calm and caring environment for you to tell your story of grief. - Therapeutic tools to help you work through these emotions. - New insight and awareness that will move you toward healing and acceptance of your grief. - Identify strengths and coping skills to assist you in moving through your grief - Develop resources and a support system - Adjusting and developing a sense of balance in your life - Newfound awareness, deeper meaning and understanding

Grief Counsellor

Mike Buckley, PhD Psych, MA Coun, RCT, CCC.

Registered Counselling Therapist (RCT)

36 Brookshire Court - Suite 200 Brookshire Centre, Bedford, Nova Scotia

Grief and loss are experienced differently for each person - so therapy must be individualized and tweaked just for you and your situation. It is a process not an event and so we go over your story together and look for those events and perceptions that are uniquely significant to you. That tells us where to start, and what to expect. There is no "normal" when it comes to grief and loss, but you can get back to feeling normal for you.

Grief Counsellor

Janice A. Graham, Ph.D., RCC

Psychotherapist - Professional Therapy by Phone & Email

547 Michigan Street, Suite 203, Victoria, British Columbia

Grieving is one of the most painful experiences you can have. It may be caused by the death of someone you love, illness, disappointment or for many other reasons. It may start even before the loss and usually continues long after it. You may feel devastated, abandoned, angry, sleepless, depressed, miserable, in pain or lonely. You may think you will never feel happy again. Sometimes grieving is delayed or denied for a long time. Maybe you don't even know why you feel so unhappy. Dr Janice is an expert in general bereavement counseling with special expertise in child death and post abortion grieving. I will ask you to tell me the whole story of your loss and help you find comfort and relief.

Grief Counsellor

Pamela Rubin, CCC, MEd, RCT-C

Canadian Certified Counselor

260 Wyse Road, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Research shows supportive counselling is one of the best ways to recover from grief and loss. Sharing time with someone trained to unlock your natural strengths can give you the boost you need to regain balance. I respect people's own sense of timing and healing, creating an oasis of caring in which to recover. I help people find their own unique path through loss to discover how the world can be OK again. I use evidence-based techniques to help those experiencing all kinds of losses (family member, pet, career, illness, losses due to abuse/assault). I have gently walked alongside many people recovering, and have very encouraging information and approaches to share.

Grief Counsellor

Nick Zwaagstra, MC:AT, RCAT, CCC, RCT

Registered Counselling Therapist / Registered Art Therapist

3621 Dutch Village Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia

I have a depth of knowledge and I respond to grief and loss in a broad and holistic way (not just death & dying but other kinds of losses too). I have worked with all ages, with individuals as well as groups. I respond with compassion and demonstrate understanding about the multilayers of the grieving experience. Much of my work then involves helping people with mourning & I attend to context, situation and related cultural perspectives. I borrow from Wolfelt (1996) the concept of "Companioning" vs. "Treating". New research shows that grieving people (children, youth and adults) are also resilient, & we work with this idea. Sometimes “words are not enough” & Art Therapy also benefits.

Compassionate Bereavement Services in Halifax, NS.

Thank you for visiting our Nova Scotia search of licensed grief specialists in Halifax.  Moving through grief after loss is difficult. Therapy helps through listening, by having someone there with you who understands the stages and process of grieving. You can find help for grief in Halifax right now, please contact a provider above, you can email 24/7.

Halifax is located in Nova Scotia, Canada. It has a land area of 5490.35 square kilometers.  The population of Halifax is 403,131 people with 173,324 households . The population ranking for Halifax is #14 nationally and #1 for the province of Nova Scotia with a density of 73.40 people per sq km. Halifax therapists serve postal code: B3K.