Alana Rabby Dowling, MSW, RSW

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  • Registered Social Worker
  • Appleby Drive, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7M 4B6
  • Phone: 639-471-7385
  • Send A Message To Alana.
  • Session Fees: 150.00 per hour, sliding scale available if needed. Also covered by NIHB and Victim Services.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

Now Offering Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). ART is a new type of psychotherapy used to treat symptoms of psychological trauma and other emotional problems (e.g. depression) using eye movements, imaginal exposure, and image rescripting. 

Lunar Light Counselling and Healing Arts is committed to being a safe, welcoming space to work towards:

  • Anxiety and Trauma Healing
    • Explore and understand your triggers and symptoms
    • Work on reducing distress and worry
    • Find a feeling of peace and calm
  • Building Healthier Relationships
    • Learn to communicate your needs and feelings 
    • Work on the ability to hear your partner
    • Set boundaries 
    • Connect with your partner 
    • Work through recurring issues with kindness and compassion
    • Together, or individually, explore ways to build understanding and harmony in your relationships.

  •  Personal Discovery and Self-Love
    • Reconnect to your values and core beliefs
    • Re-discover parts of yourself you have lost in other relationships
    • Build boundaries, and healthy ways of communicating your needs
    • Improve your self-esteem and confidence
    • Work on loving who you are
    • Explore your gender, sexuality, identity, dreams, and 


Lunar Light Counselling and Healing Arts can help support you to…

…break free from past traumas

…manage feelings of anxiety and find a sense of peace

…build healthy communication and boundaries

…find a way to reconnect with yourself

…develop a loving, compassionate relationship with yourself


The Lunar Light Approach

I believe that there is power in sharing our energy, telling our stories, connecting to nature, sharing space, shedding tears and even laughter. There is also healing power in reconnecting to ourselves.

I have years of experience counselling adults in the areas of relational trauma, anxiety, and healthy relationships.

My main focus is on empowering clients, and providing tools and skills to support you in stepping into your best life.​

The Lunar Light Counsellor

As an individual, I am a mother, cat lover, and artist. I identify as bisexual, and am an ally to others in the 2SLGBTQ community.

I am spiritual, and a feminist, with a strong belief in the importance of empowerment and working against injustices.

Throughout my life, I have struggled with my own mental health and traumas, which include anxiety, healing childhood abandonment wounds, and unhealthy and abusive intimate partnerships.

These issues took work to overcome, but with support, I found healing. This is what makes me so passionate about supporting healing in others.

Skills and Training

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from University of Regina

Master’s of Social Work from the University of Waterloo, Renison College.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) 

Narrative Therapy

Feminist Practice

Trauma-and-Violence Informed Practice


Let Lunar Light be a guide through your dark times, helping you heal through the use of...







Together, let’s discover your inner light, and build a life worth truly living.

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Saskatoon SK