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         For most of my adult life I was a Christian who was highly skeptical about the benefits of any kind of counseling including Christian counseling. Now I am a professional Christian counselor, with a Master of Arts degree in Professional Counseling and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Formational Counseling. My 2016-published book entitled "Essentials of Christian Healing: How Healing Prayer and Healing Counseling are Changing People's Lives" tells the story of many people like myself who have discovered how God's supernatural healing power can be integrated with Christian counseling and healing prayer. I integrate many of the best practices of mental treatments with divine healing of mind, heart, brain, spirit, and body. These are the things that have completely turned around my life and the lives of many of my clients. When Jesus was here on earth He healed people and did not just preach and teach. (Matthew 4:23 and 9:35). That is what I now do which is to help people experience deep healing and not just get information about it.
         I treat people's present symptoms and problems, but I also go the roots of the problem so people do not have to remain stuck. Childhood wounds, trauma, and neglect are often much more significant than people think. I often combine inner healing of one or both partners with the emotionally focused therapy (EFT) marriage counseling I have been trained to do. EFT helps couples experience what the Bible teaches about marriage and what love is. I help couples externalize their problems, step out of negative reactive patterns they are stuck in, and help them repair and strengthen emotional bonds. 
         A large part of the reason I now do Christian counseling is because both my wife and I grew up in very dysfunctional homes. We used to think our childhoods were pretty normal. Once we got started on a journey of inner healing in 2002 we began to learn the truth through the kind of Christian counseling I now do. There was much we had to be healed from. This completely changed our personal experience of God and each other in nothing short of a miraculous way. I could never imagine me doing what I do now. It is a calling for which I am uniquely experienced in, equipped in, and most importantly prepared to help you with. Please do not just get treatment for your psychological symptoms. With God and my help you can experience a far deeper and more complete level of healing than you ever thought was possible. I am also an ordained minister. I look forward to meeting you.

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