Christine Fall Moore, MC (Appl Psych), G.D.Ed.Coun., RCT

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  • Registered Counselling Therapist / Certified Psychotherapist
  • HRM, Nova Scotia, B4C 0A3
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My highest virtues are in safeguarding moral and professional standards specifically related to your confidence & wellness. In our alliance your needs are my focus.  

I have spent over fifteen years counselling individuals of all ages, parents, and couples. I am certified “in excellent standing” with the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association and  the Nova Scotia College for Registered Counselling Therapists. I hold degrees from the University of Prince Edward Island; University of Calgary- University of Lethbridge- Athabasca University; and Cape Breton University. I continue with on-going study and peer supervision.

I have a wide range of experience and resources to offer clients. I use psychotherapy (IS-TDP, DBT, MCBT, CPT, NT, SFT, EFT) intuition, informational medicine (NMT), and solution oriented hypnosis to evaluate your unique assets and optimize resources to assist you in regaining your balance and wellness. I have experience in trauma recovery, mother-child bonding & parent education, geriatric care, couple counselling & repair, grief, and addictions and chronic care counselling. I have facilitated and co-facilitated wellness, grief, mindfulness, health education, fitness, and addictions groups. I have a special interest in working with people who are suffering from chronic pain (emotional or physical) and illness (sensitivity, allergies, MCS, FMS, CFS) and helping them to improve their situation and maximize their health. In order to facilitate healing of the mind & body I offer women private and group fitness classes (Belly Fit).

Whether you are looking for interpersonal or intrapersonal support my ambition is to assist you in attaining your individual goals and your relationship objectives. If you are looking for relief from painful emotional, physical or relational symptoms, healing of the mind-body and an empathetic efficient therapist I am a loyal advocate.

Benefits are different for each individual and have a direct correlation to symptoms. General improvements may include alleviation from: sensitivity, anxiety, depression, internal pressure, and physical symptoms. More frequent experiences of positive feelings will return including clarity, deeper connection, meaning and happiness. Communication difficulties will diminish and relationships (old & new) will repair and improve.  

I would be honored to facilitate you on your journey.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours in health and wellness,


Christine Fall Moore, MC (Applied Psychology), G.D.Ed.Coun., B.A., (Psychology & Women’s Studies), RCT, CCC, NMT, BFit


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