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  • Relational Psychotherapist / Counselor
  • 1818 Westlake Ave N, Suite 414, Seattle, Washington, 98109
  • Phone: 425-361-3990
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  • Session Fees: Adult individuals: $130 per 50 min. session; Couples: $140 per 50 min session; Group therapy: $70 per 90 min session

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You may simultaneously feel you are "too much" for friends and family but still never good enough . In our work together, we'll wonder together about this puzzle and where these ideas come from. I'll ask you to bring your most unfiltered self, a voice that doesn't rely on what you "should" feel but is instead most interested in what you DO feel. It is by this process that therapy can begin to shift how you think about things and you can begin to know your true self as good enough, instead of too much or too little.

My specialty is relational psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups, which aids in transformation for most issues in life: grief, loss, anxiety, depression and transition, to name a few.

I will help you to have more meaningful relationships in life , utilize your talents and abilities more fully, maintain a more truthful and accurate self-esteem, have more satisfying sexual relationships, understand yourself and others in a more meaningful way, and face life's challenges with greater freedom and flexibility.

I became a psychotherapist because  I am passionate about people and the transformation that happens in healthy functioning relationships.  I find it an honor to work with men and women navigating through the trials and joys of life.

Six years of my life were spent living and working in Central America  which broadened my mind and worldview to the suffering and joy of our human existence. During that time I worked with adults, adolescents and children who were in extreme life conditions without much access to sufficient support or care. I saw and experienced transformation in many lives.

My undergraduate work is in education with a specialty in art . Seventeen years of teaching in many different capacities with students of all ages, has also taught me much about people and transformation. I believe that art, education and psychotherapy are all creative processes, and have much to offer one another. All are in this business of transformation.

Along with my private practice , I spent 3 years working at Vashon Youth and Family Services with clients of all ages and life situations. I am under supervision and I work with consult groups to further my education and practice in my field. As a member of the Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study, I regularly attend conferences and trainings to further enhance my education and therapeutic work with clients. I am also a member of the Puget Sound Group Psychotherapy Network.

I look forward to meeting you .

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