Elizabeth Nardella, RCC

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  • Child and Family Therapist
  • 210- 1548 Johnston Road, White Rock, British Columbia, V4B 2Z8
  • Phone: (778) 899-8735
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  • Session Fees: $125 for 60 mins
  • www.archescounselling.com
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Webcam

Elizabeth Nardella is committed to providing compassion and support to you through one's life journey.
Elizabeth can help you with:
  • Grief and Loss
  • One's relationship with Anxiety
  • Parenting and child conflict
  • Divorce
  • Self - harm
  • Perfectionism
  • Fears or Worries

Benefits of Therapy with Elizabeth Nardella
  • Creating a legacy and continues the relationships with the loved one that has passed away
  • Understanding one's relationships of anxiety
  • More self-confidence and empowerment 
  • Uncovering and utilizing parenting tools
  • Elizabeth Nardella’s  counseling integrates talk therapy and the creative arts to open doors by exploring the many storylines that occur at any given point along the journey of life.
  • During a therapy session, we may use some art based exercise; there is no art experience or skill required.All of the art based activities in the session range from using crayons, magazines, pastels to simple drawings, collages, and artwork that express feelings.

  • $125 for 60mins ( applies to individuals and families)
  • I can provide a bill for you to submit to your insurance company. 

  • 210 - 1548 Johnston Rd., White Rock, BC
  • Tel - (778) 899-8735
  • www.archescounselling.com

  • Masters of Narrative Therapy of Community of Work from University of Melbourne
  • Masters of Social Work University of New England - in Progress

My position with working with Loss and Grief:
  • Unlike the conventional encouragement to let go of connection after a person dies, the narrative approach supports and acknowledges the continuing bonds between the living and the deceased. 
  • My work stems from the idea that relationships are not automatically closed by a physical death any more than they are when a person leaves home for a trip or runs to the grocery store. 
  • The stories of the deceased can remain important. I  promote keeping connections with loved ones and ensures that the dead will not be forgotten.

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South Surrey BC