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TeleTherapy in the entire State of New York and the entire State of Florida: 

Hello! I am Dr. Remy Nelson. I am licensed in New York and Florida. I am coming from of a place of compassion, competence, and a strong desire to help you face your problems. I intend to surround you with my comfortable presence and guide you toward a meaningful, purposeful, and empowering life. 
I am easy to talk to and that helps me to help you feel comfortable so that you can help me understand what is going on in your world. Since my priority is to help you, I invite you to a partnership where you and I can work together as a team to help you reach your goals. This, hopefully, includes feeling better about yourself, about life, and about whatever is bothering you.

Together, we clarify your goals to determine how best to reach them. A client wrote anonymously about me, “Dr. Nelson listens to every word you say and picks up on the cues that are hidden and that’s what makes him the best! He allows you to talk and offers solutions and 'homework'”.

Another client stated, “I am loving the video sessions because he picks up from my reactions to something he would have said. He has empathy, and I look forward to the session every week. Thank you, Dr. Nelson. Glad I found you at this point in my life!”

My years of education, skills, experience, and knowledge can speak for themselves, but I want to personally invite you to have therapy sessions with me, which can be life-transforming. My intention is to help you build skills to live a better life through our work together.

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