Frank Kewin, M.Div. PACT II, CMAT/CSAT

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  • Registered Pyschotherapist
  • 120 Newkirk Rd, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 9S7
  • Additional Locations:
      See additional office location: Toronto, M5R 1E2
      133 Lowther Ave
      Toronto, M5R 1E2
  • Phone: 17057950240
  • Session Fees: My fees are determined on a sliding scale based on gross family income.

I believe in the capacity of the human person to heal, grow and become their authentic self.  Because I believe this, I offer personalized, client centered, compassionate therapy drawing from the latest discoveries in psychology and neuro science and the deep collective understanding of ancient wisdom.  Together we can reach into the past to understand current patterns that are not serving you and change them in the present to create a new future based on your goals and your best life!  To seek counseling is brave and I commend you on your brave heart and commitment to your health and happiness.  Our greatest and most challenging relationship is with ourselves.  As we embrace ourselves we establish a grounded presence that allows us to move through the challenges of life with a greater sense of security, confidence and ease.
I can help you with:
- Recovery from substance and or process addictions such as alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex
- Recovery from relational trauma from childhood
- Recovery from sexual, emotional, physical or spiritual abuse
- Recovery from Marital infidelity or Marital dissatisfaction
- Recovery from Anxiety and or Depression
 Benefits of Therapy with me:
- Restore a healthy relationship with your self that creates improvement in all areas of your life
- Goal directed and client centered therapy that respects you and your process and goals
- Change that lasts because it is anchored in the body, brain and heart!
- Couples will discover a new experience of self, partner and  the relationship leading to a confident direction for them
I use the following Primary Therapies:
- I am trained as a certified multiple addictions therapist with a specialty in Sex Addiction.  
- I use a trauma informed approach to the treatment of addiction to ensure that while we stabilize behaviours and regain connections we work with underlying traumas to allow for sustainable change.
- I have completed level 2 training with Dr. Stan Tatkin as a couple's therapist.  Follow this link to a description of PACT couple's therapy:
- I am trained as a Somatic Experience trauma therapist and continue to study with Dr. Raja Selvam the skills and power of 'Integral Somatic Psychology'.  For more on this type of therapuetic work follow this link:
My fees are based on a sliding scale relative to gross family income.  Individual sessions are 50 minutes.  Couples appointments are 1.5 sessions (75 minutes)
I have 3 locations to serve you:
Downtown Toronto
133 Lowther Ave.
M5R 1E2
Richmond Hill
120 Newkirk Rd. 
Unit 12
L4C 9S7
Downtown Barrie
6 Bayfield St
Unit 404
L4M 3A4
Masters of Divinity, UofT
Somatic Experience Advanced II
PACT Level 2 (couple's therapy)
Integral Somatic Psychology (level 1)

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Barrie ON
North York ON