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Bergen County Marriage Counselor and Psychotherapist Asks: Wouldn't you love to be able to climb out of the hole of depression, anxiety and relationship problems you find yourself in?
Do you experience tension, fear and worry on a continual basis?  Do you feel dejected, hopeless and helpless no matter how hard you try to raise your spirits?  Do you subconsciously seek out abusive partners or engage in destructive or codependent patterns in your relationships?  Are you in need of couples therapy to restore the trust and intimacy that you and your significant other once possessed?

How Garrett Helps His Clients Attain More Gratification In Their Lives:
Did you ever find yourself wondering why it is that your emotional reactions are reflexive and habitual? Why is it that you inadvertently feel or react in predictable ways when confronted with specific life situations. The reason that you do this is because you possess an internalized script that you keep reenacting in response to familiar life circumstances.  Integral to this internalized script is what I call "triggering self-talk".  "Triggering self-talk" comprise those self-statements which trigger negative emotions (anxiety, fear, depression, anger, etc).  In other words, a person anticipates a pernicious outcome and, through the very power of expectation, causes that very thing to happen.  The therapy I provide helps an individual become attuned to his or her inner dialog.  When a person becomes acutely aware of his or her pessimistic, defensive and self-limiting thinking patterns, he or she will then be able to replace these thoughts with affirmations that are more optimistic, assertive and loving.  In the process of working with me, my clients experience greater satisfaction in their intimate relationships and become more productive in their work life.  

Garrett's Qualifications and Experience as a Bergen County Marriage Counselor and Psychotherapist

I am an experienced psychotherapist and couples counselor who has been in practice for over 15 years. I graduated from both the University of Pennsylvania and New York University and am board licensed in the State of New Jersey as an LCSW. In the course of my career I have helped hundreds of people overcome their personal issues to become more self-aware, self-confident, and emotionally accessible.  In the process of therapy, my clients report experiencing greater peace of mind and satisfaction in all facets of their lives.  

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