Gerald (Jerry) Kamp, M.S. L.M.F.T.

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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 41689 Enterprise Circle North (Suite 116), Temecula, California, 92590
  • Phone: (951)301-3514
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  • Session Fees: I offer the lowest cash prices of anyone in this entire area. I accept many different types of insurances (Humana/Lifesynch, Blue Shield, A.C.I., Integrated Behavioral Health[BHS], MultiPlan/PHCS, Behavioral Health Systems [BHS], etc.).

My undergraduate degree was in Communication. I believe this is frequently a major part of any problem. Sometimes people have learned ways to relate to others from childhood and don't see this, understand it or know if they should or how to change these patterns. In my close to 30 years of counseling (just about every type of problem there is) I've learned how to help people have more fulfilled lives and be freer from strife, argument  and conflict. If you would like to have relief from your problems, have better relationships, more peace,  more success, less strife, be less controlled by others, be less frustrated and be wiser I believe I can help you. I will help you find support, relief, strength and solutions for your problems. The environment you'll be in.......will be relaxed, calm, supportive and you will have a real sense of relief.
My office is centrally located in Temecula.(near Jefferson and Winchester, right off the 15 freeway). I'm in the Executive Suites Building which has a park like setting with fountains and trees. I have hours available for appointments in the daytime and evenings Monday through Friday. I'm on many Insurance Company Networks and offer the best cash pay fees in this entire area. You can call me directly at (951) 301-3514 or e-mail me at

Areas of Expertise include:

  • Anger Management/Domestic/Violence/Outbursts, etc.
  • Christian counseling
  • Men' s Issues
  • Father - Son Issues
  • Couples/Marriage counseling
  • Unfaithfulness/Poor boundaries, etc.
  • Denial, excuses, lying, rationalization, minimization, etc.
  • Addictions/Obsessions/Compulsions (pornography, alcohol, drugs, gambling, workaholicism, etc.)
  • Family of Origin Issues
  • Excessive arguing, defensiveness, power struggles, inability to effectively communicate, etc.
  • Poor self-esteem, self-image, identity and sense of self
  • Repeated patterns of behavior that are self-defeating, being "stuck" and confused
  • Poor relationship and communication skills (workplace, friendships, social, romantic and family)
  • Anxiety, Stress, Panic, OCD, PTSD, Victimization, Abuse, etc.
  • Depression, Grief, Loss
  • Teens
  • Workplace Problems
  • Chronic Pain and Injury (Prescription Drug Dependency, Hopelessness, etc.)
  • Toxic Church Issues
  • Parenting

  • M.S. in Counseling C.S.U.F. / B.A. in Communication C.S.U.L.B.
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement Award
  • Close to 30 years experience in counseling field
  • A.A.M.F.T. "Clinical Fellow" membership
  • Clinical Directorship Positions
  • Intern Supervisor/Trainer Positions
  • Directed Court-Ordered Programs in Domestic Violence/Anger/Parenting/Child Abuse
  • 25 years in Private Practice type settings (Relationship Counseling) 
  • Years of Experience and Expertise working with the Mentally Ill, Prison populations, Offenders, Bi-Polar, Teen Facilities, Alcoholism and Addictions, etc.
  • Multiple International / Overseas Benevolence Intervention Ministering Trips
  • Board of Behavioral Sciences Examiners Licensed L.M.F.T. for over two decades

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