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We are Gary and Joy Hanson – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and graduates of Bethel Theological Seminary with Master’s Degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy. We are each in counseling practice with adult clients, specializing in marriage/relationship counseling, individual counseling and life coaching. We specialize in dealing with relationship and life impacting issues using a process that is respectful, collaborative, solution-focused, and brief. We have been married for over 30 years and have an adult daughter and son.

Clients regularly share that they appreciate our proactive approach providing solution-focused direction, skilled feedback, and helpful tools built around a counseling/coaching model that will encourage as well as challenge you individually and/or as a couple to achieve your goals and dreams.

Marriage Counseling – Restoring Love, Intimacy, and Friendship

With over 70 percent of our work dedicated to couples or individuals working on relationship issues - we have a unique understanding of the pressures relationships are under today. Our approach, which we call MarriageRenew®, provides solution-focused direction, skilled feedback, and helpful tools built around the latest in research for successful relationships and individual restoration and growth. It is our belief and commitment, that there is real hope for restoration of lost love, intimacy, and friendship.

Individual Counseling and Coaching – Hope for the Future

We specialize in working with adult clients facing significant life challenges which can lead to feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, depression, grief, loss of hope, fear of the future and/or a lost sense of purpose and direction. Working from a solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral, and narrative approach, we offer practical, research-based tools and resources which provide insight, skilled feedback, a path to restoration, and hope for the future.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the promise of restoration – emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. Our goal is to provide individuals, couples and families with the tools necessary to address beliefs and patterns of behavior, which prevent them from reaching and maintaining their goals and dreams. This is accomplished through a respectful, collaborative, solution-focused approach addressing the whole person in the context of past and present experience and relationships.

At your request, we also welcome the opportunity to integrate a faith-based Christian worldview with sound research-based clinical practice - while also working with individuals who do not practice a personal faith.

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