Stress, PTSD and Anxiety Therapists in Maple Grove, MN.

Licensed professional counseling for anxiety, stress, phobias, and panic in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Anxiety Counselor

Tessa Gittleman, MA, LAMFT

Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

11334 86th Ave N, Maple Grove, Minnesota

The reason so many people don't want help managing their anxiety is because it serves. Often times anxiety helps us get work done on time, motivates us, and protects us from potential harm. The problem is, unmanaged anxiety is that app that keeps running in the background of your life, draining all your battery. When anxiety and stress pile up, you stop charging all the way, and eventually burn out. I help you get to a place where you and your anxiety can peacefully coexist, and teach you how to recognize, interrupt, and change the pattern where anxiety gets to takeover.

Anxiety Counselor

Jana Sczepanski Palkert, Sex Therapy, EMDR, LMFT

Minnesota Counseling and Couples Center

13700 83rd Way North, Suite 201, Maple Grove, Minnesota

There are many type of anxiety disorders, with both common and unique symptoms. Anxiety can be brought on by a single stressful event or chronic difficult life experiences. Some of us are more prone to anxiety by our natural temperament and studies a family history in some cases. Treating anxiety starts with a thorough assessment to accurately diagnose and treat. Treatment is tailored to address you specific symptoms and usually involves cognitive behavioral therapy and/or medications. As a RN and therapist, I can assist with both assessment and treatment- in addition to medication management if needed. They symptoms of anxiety can be very dificult but the good news is that treatment works.

Anxiety Counselor

Innovative Psychological Consultants, LLC

Innovative Psychological Consultants

7236 Forestview Lane N, Maple Grove, Minnesota

This is by far the number one issue that most people struggle with. Our clinicians can teach you a variety of techniques for dealing with stress. Anxiety problems respond excellently to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and research says it is one of the most effective techniques for dealing with anxiety. Our clinicians are proficient in CBT methods and can teach you how to tackle your anxiety.

Anxiety Counselor

Joan Pechauer, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

225 First Avenue NE, Osseo, Minnesota

Living with stress and anxiety is hard on our bodies. At their worst, they cause tense muscles and shallow breathing. At their worst, they can cause high blood pressure and other physical problems. First, you and I will explore where you feel stress and anxiety in your body and then you'll learn relaxation tools and healthy self-talk so that you can feel in control rather than out of control.

Anxiety Counselor

Hanson Associates

Gary D. Hanson, MA, LMFT and Joy A. Hanson, MA, LMFT

7200 Hemlock Ln N - Ste 108, Maple Grove, Minnesota

Anxiety and stress can distort our view of the world and sap our energy for life and relationships. We provide a narrative, solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral approach to understanding patterns of anxious thoughts and/or loss of perspective from unrelenting stress which allows you to regain and sense of confidence, hope for the future, and capacity to relate to others in healthy, positive ways.

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Thank you for visiting our Minnesota page of stress therapists in Maple Grove, Minnesota who are skilled and experienced in dealing with anxiety, worry, and panic in all its forms.  Worry and stress can cause a myriad of physical symptoms and wreck havoc on both our personal life and our relationships. Counseling for stress and PTSD in Maple Grove, MN will give you healthy tools and help you move forward. Let's get started. Reach out to us today, our contact forms are "open" 24/7.

Maple Grove is located in Hennepin County, Minnesota. It has a land area of 32.56 square miles and a water area of 2.48 square miles.  The population of Maple Grove is 68,385 people with 24,904 households and a median annual income of $92,680. .

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Booking a weekly counseling session with a licensed therapist in Maple Grove is not a large financial issue for the majority of people in this area. Sustaining a commitment to mental health treatment is easily accessible for the average family, but ask your therapist if there are any concerns as many will accept insurance or even offer sliding scale fees