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Dr. Holland has been in private practice for more than 20 years, helping patients to make life enhancing changes in what can be a complicated and overwhelming world. Dr. Holland offers cutting edge, integrative and evidence-based care, proven effective w/depression and anxiety, life transitions: pregnancy, parenting, ageing, loss and caring for a parent or loved one during a health crisis or decline. She is process and solution focused, geared towards symptom reduction and increased joy. Dr. Holland specializes in working with individuals with depression and/or anxiety, those who have experienced trauma, chronic illnesses or conditions associated with aging as well as identity issues.
"I particularly enjoy working with those in the helping professions to take care of themselves. When caregivers, healthcare providers and mental health professionals take care of themselves, they are better able to care for others without the risk of burn out."
Clients rank Dr. Jenny Holland very high, recognizing not only her expertise in the field of psychotherapy, but for her compassionate and caring nature. In difficult and isolating times, do you long to be understood and loved unconditionally, without fear of criticism or judgement? Do you crave connection with a trusted, expert, loyal advisor who will stay by your side through life's ups and downs? Do you long for satisfying relationships? Dr. Holland will partner with you to achieve your goals, hopes and dreams.
"I will be with you throughout life’s ups and downs. Whether you are seeking a long- term weekly relationship, or want to work on life’s challenges as they arise, you will receive thoughtful, individualized care. I look forward to a chat and learning more about how I can help. Contact me today, and let's get started with the care you long for and deserve." 
Therapy is a place for you to connect and process your thoughts and feelings in a safe place. Dr. Holland can help you develop effective tools to cope with what is going on. However bad you think it is right now, we can face it together.  "I believe that forming a strong personal identity is an important aspect of your growth and development, leading to a brighter future."
Dr. Holland has been a case presenter for the San Francisco Center For Psychoanalysis Adolescent Series and has served on multiple panels providing expertise to colleagues and the public. She has also been a presenter at the Jewish film Festival, speaking on Asperger's syndrome. Dr. Holland is also a contributor to the upcoming book titled "Fury: Women's Lived Experiences in the Trump Era".
 Professional Background: Dr. Holland attended Sonoma State University in the Hutchins Program and received a degree in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts. She earned her Master’s Degree in Psychology from Meridian University. Course work in the area of Sociology and Psychology was completed at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. Dr. Holland earned a Doctorate from Ryokan College in Los Angeles, California.

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