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  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 1903 Berkeley Way, Berkeley, California, 94704
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      San Francisco, 94104
      See additional office location: San Francisco, 94104
      582 Market St., Suite 415
      San Francisco, 94104
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  • Session Fees: My fee is $170.

My approach:

Working with individuals and couples, my style is active and compassionate. Clients know I deeply care about, and delight, in them. I facilitate integration of thoughts, emotions and body sensations (mindfully), as we get curious about the root causes of triggers and old patterns that thwart well being, relationships and aliveness. Clients transform by feeling resourced, empowered and resilient. As an Marriage and Family Therapist, I use Buddhist psychology, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, AEDP (Accelerated Emotional Dynamic Processing), Internal Family systems and EMDR.

Training and background: 

AEDP (Accelerated Emotional Dynamic Processing) Essential Skills, Diana Fosha, 2014. This approach slows and deepens healing, by creating a safe environment in which to move through difficult material to become more authentic, enlivened and empowered. It focused on using our innate ability to thrive and grow.
EMDR Training Certification at Sonoma Psychotherapy Training Institute: Eye movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR, is a neuro-integrative talk therapy for treating distressing events, trauma, anxiety and phobias. EMDR "reprocessing" pairs dual attention, such as watching an object move back and forth, to a distressing memory. This paired action causes subtle changes in the brain so distressing memories lose their potency, and erroneous assumptions, such as believing one is worthless, are greatly diminished and more manageable.

Advanced Trauma Training, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, 2009, deepening the work of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy I.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, Level I, 2007-2008

This talk therapy works by bringing real-time awareness to how our mind, body and emotions interact when overwhelmed by a memory or event. This method enables psychic material to be metabolized and integrated for a sense of wellbeing and wholeness. This is a strength-based process that further develops current resources, and new inner resources are created. Research of this neuro-psychological treatment has shown it to be highly effective.

Psycho-Spiritual Psychology (John Welwood, PhD), 2007–present 

This approach melds Western psychology and Eastern meditative traditions, especially Tibetan Buddhism, to mend the Spiritual disconnection within us and decrease the impact of early childhood psychological wounding. Spiritual practices alone tend to bypass the pain and cause us to close off to our Spiritual nature. Also, psychological work alone can overlook the opportunity to use emotional wounding as a portal to our Spiritual nature. Sensory awareness acts as a bridge to support deepening into both aspects of ourselves to experience our Spiritual nature at any moment we choose. Unconditional Presence Practice is one method used in Psycho-Spiritual Psychology.

Emotionally Focused Therapy by Sue Johnson, PhD, (EFT) training 2010. EFT uses Attachment Theory to help couples discover and curtain emotionally deregulating relationship patterns. It helps couples redefine their relationship as an essentially supportive, validating and emotionally safe calming way.

Mindfulness with Daniel Siegel, MD, 2009: 

Inward observing, experiencing and attuning to the five senses, body sensations, emotions, thoughts, images and/or spiritual nature as it is. This practice helps rewire the nervous system to respond to present reality, instead of triggering old patterns. The effectiveness of this rewiring process is well documented by Daniel Siegel, MD; Allan Schore, PhD and many others.

Child-Parent Psychotherapy Certificate Program, 2008-2009

Early childhood intervention program for trauma. Trained in relationship-based treatments for children (0-5) and their families by Dr. Alicia Lieberman, who designed the Child Trauma Research Project and taught at UCSF/SFGH in the Department of Psychiatry.

"The Circle of Security” Attachment Intervention Program, 2006-2007. 

Attachment therapy aims to discover and change patterns of relating to others, especially significant others. Working with these patterns diminishes them from interfering with healthy relationships. It helps clients receive the emotional soothing and anxiety regulation that they yearned for. Only they are able, I part, to provide this nurturing from within themselves.

Non-Violent Communication (NVC) by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, 2009. 

NVC teaches nonjudgmental, respectful communication, and empathy for self and other, as people authentically express their thoughts, emotions and needs.

Gestalt Relational Therapy at Pacific Gestalt Institute), Los Angeles, 2000-2003.

 Gestalt aims to help the client to feel more comfortable and aware of her experience in the present moment, especially in relationships. The theory involves study of Field Theory, Phenomenology & Dialogue; Paradoxical Theory of Change; Contact and Withdrawal Cycles in Relationship and Shame Process.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Training, 2003, 
identifying patterns of distorted thinking that lead to emotional upset. Then reformatting the thought patterns so improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Professional Affiliations 

California Psychological Association, 2011-present 

The Psychotherapy Institute, 2008-2009
 California Association of Marriage, Family and Therapists, State Chapter, 1998–present

 California Association of Marriage, Family and Therapists—East Bay Chapter (board member, 2006-2009), 2006–present.


Private practice in San Francisco and Berkeley serving adults and couples since 2005.

Various clinics, providing psychotherapy serving adults, couples, children and their families, 1997-2007.


2003 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MFT license no. 40116

1998 MA in Counseling Psychology at University of Santa Monica

1983 BA in Psychology at University of California, Los Angeles


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