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As a career choice, I've deliberately chosen to become a therapist in a small town. Therefore, you can be sure to expect absolute discretion and confidentiality. I was born and raised in a small town (not this one) and I am sensitive to the needs of individuals who live in a community where many people know them. If you need appointments outside regular work hours, or need assurance that your appointment won't overlap with someone you know: - I get it. The purpose of counselling is to help you, not expose you. Please don't hesitate to call and express your fears, concerns, or your needs. I am here to accommodate them.  
I chose Sylvan Lake as my home, and my children's home town. I'm here for the "long haul." Some people appreciate the familiarity of a therapist who knows their story, that someone who they can drop in on for a session or two now and then, and I am pleased to offer that service.
My passion in counselling always been to develop my expertise in trauma counselling: whether it be a one event trauma, complex trauma, or developmental trauma; I have and will continue to develop my skills in this area. I am trained in EMDR and utilize EMDR in trauma treatment as well as any other empirically based trauma recovery. My experience in this area is quite multifaceted, from workplace trauma (EMS or Search and Rescue) , to MVAs, to sexual assault and/or childhood abuse.  
Too often I hear people say, "I'll never be the same."  They think they need to accept the ways they relive their trauma, and I want to raise the bar of what we expect as trauma survivors. I believe, and it has been my experience, that we can endure severe traumas and completely overcome them so that triggers of that experience do not impair our experience in work, significant relationships or daily life. I set a high standard for myself as a trauma therapist, but not an unrealistic one. I am committed to it, and to you. Please don't suffer alone.
The last three years I have worked as a generalist EAP counsellor with Shepell, and one thing I have come to appreciate in that position is the vast variety of reasons people need support and assistance. Whatever it is, I am honored to take the time to authentically listen and offer genuine and constructive feedback. The greatest honor in my training and my profession is to journey with you, feel with you, and find answers and freedom with you, whatever struggle you are facing.
Honestly, no problem is too big; and. no problem is too small. It is  my honor to be available to you, to utilize my skills and training to assist you, whatever the issue may be.  

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