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I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California. My highest aim as your therapist is to co-create a genuine healing relationship where you feel safe enough to talk about anything and where you can feel seen, heard and valued by me. Together, we will explore what you are wanting to work on in your life and what life affirming choices you are willing to make along the way. As our relationship starts to feel trusting enough for you, internal and external changes can begin to take place in your life, moving you closer to your therapy goals! If you stick with therapy long enough, you can find freedom from suffering, as well as, a greater capacity to cope with suffering as it arises.
My technique is based in psychodynamic relational-cultural psychotherapy. This means that I hold our relationship, the unconscious process between us, and your personal--experiences, identities, struggles, successes and strengths--in the context of your social-culutral-familiar locations in society. I pay close attention to your unconscious process (the part of your mind you are not aware of but that is affecting your emotions and behaviors) to better understand what your needing to express, feel and work through, in order for healing to take place inside of you and between us. 
I received my graduate degree from the University of San Francisco and postgraduate clinical training in psychodynamic theory from The Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley. Over the last decade, I have held clinical positions in hospitals, hospice centers, addiction treatment centers, foster family agencies and community mental clinics throughout the Bay Area. I have extensive experience working with adult cisgender men, cisgender women, queer identified individuals, multi-heritage couples, immigrants, elders and teenagers. Currently, I maintain my psychotherapy practice in San Francisco + Berkeley.
In addition to my private practice, I customize and teach communication skill building programs to Bay Area companies looking to create a work culture that reflects emotional intelligence, genuine professional relationships, open communication and creative teamwork! 

Outside the office environment, I am committed to racial justice advocacy work. As a white-identified person, I facilitate white anti-racist study groups on "whiteness" for white mental health clinicians looking to learn more about their white privilege and develop effective ways to speak about race with their clients.
 Please contact me if you would like to start working together. I will be honored to join you on your path towards healing.

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