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I am a good listener.  I am also caring and compassionate, and provide a safe and confidential space to help with life's

 I can help you with:
Post traumatic stress disorder
self-esteem issues
sexual, emotional and psychological abuse
Family counselling
Couple counselling
grief counselling
Counselling for long term caregivers.
End of life counselling
Benefits of therapy with Sheila
Increased self-confidence and empowerment
Increased resiliency.
Better self-esteem and self-love
Better communication skills with
Better parenting
Overcoming depression and anxiety
Less feelings of guilt and pain
Overcoming self-loathing in cases of sexual,

emotional and psychological abuse.
Sheila Uses these therapies to help
Individual Counselling: to help you in current crises with beneficence, good
listening skills and confidentiality.  The work is done in a quiet and
safe space. You are not hurried or judged but given all the time and

encouragement you need.

Couple Counselling
: to help couples understand each other, develop better
communication, learn to complement each other, practice empathy and
beneficence. Practice forgiveness and kindness. In cases of irreconcilable
differences help couples part amicably with regard to the wellbeing of the

children of the family.
Psychotherapy: to unravel issues such as childhood attachment
disorders which may be affecting present relationships and to work through
those difficulties with the view of making you self aware of self-destructive
patterns which are destroying your present relationships. Anxiety and
depression are also relieved as we look at how past negative experiences,
patterns and decisions affect your present and how you can overcome long term

and recurring problems of today.
 Solution focused therapy: to guide clients in finding the best solutions for

their problems.
 Cognitive Behaviour therapy: to help you overcome present negative patterns

and behaviours through setting and working towards goals and aspirations.
 Cost: Negotiable if paying without insurance coverage.

I provide an invoice for clients with Insurance companies
 Location: The Compass Rose, Unit 200, 36 Brookshire Centre,

Bedford, Halifax Nova Scotia.
 Education : B.A. ( Hons) M.Div, M.Ed ( Counselling), CCC (Canadian Certified Counsellor), RCT(c)  ( Registered Counselling Therapist

Professional Affiliations: Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association,
Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists

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Halifax NS